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  1. good move to change provider! ps did u check your pms?
  2. good move to change provider! ps did u check your pms?
  3. @cacco i have 3 internet caffe stores so i dont have internet prov probl @gandam agree!!! the security of the server is very very poor. too bad cause its a good server and nice idea but every one who knows can cheat
  4. the server not only lags like hell from gr but its the most unsecure server i ve ever played...give a try just for the function but...
  5. it needs some more security work to be a good server! i say again! bot system is still open...+ i allready report you something but i didnt get an answer!
  6. 90 players the 85 of them with gold name... its simple, the donators will never go cause they gave money... its ok i dont want to rude your server... good luck
  7. it was one of my worst server ever!!! nothing was working good. bugs and op tanks. the admin change the stats every minute and he made the server a mess! he wipe...so? does he learn how to build a server?
  8. i support the server with many ways but... i have allready report you some probs from the 1st day that u still havent solve 1. many+ weapons from the 1st day a little more from the max ech 2. bots, bots, bots and emmmm BOTS!!! 3. overpowered classes and you can see what the players choose 4. lag from your internet provider 5. i can see many toons overbuged 6. from my internet cafe in athens i play with any cheat available with no problem. check them cause its a promised server and its too bad to wipe again!
  9. the big prob is that some players advice the gm to fix their skills 100% and the gm listen to them! so in this server we have god make DA and paladins. the second prob is that when the server start all farm was easy and the old players make themselfs powerfull. now the farm is harder and if you want to farm for gcdx you have to mess with the old players (with many +in skills) who owns the farm area and they dont let you farm at all! so new players gg too bad cause i love servers with no custom items...
  10. fix the skills. most of them are dead!!! only humans have all skills working...
  11. an yparxei server high rate, xoris donate kai xoris custom stoles poy ekanan to paixnidi mpoyrdelo, tote nai aytos einai o kalyteros!