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[Exploit]Make Players Fall Through The World Exploit


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INTRO: There has been alot of stories about people falling through the world from zeplins, elevators, and boats. But can you use this to your advantage? I wouldn’t say advantage because you don’t really benefit anything other than a good laugh. Also, a little side note, this is only good for alliance and you must be on a pvp server.


So I was pretty bored on my priest tonight so i decided killing low levels on zeppelins would be pretty fun. I camped the zep going from grom’gol to org for about an hour. It’s pretty well known that there is a bug out where if you DC while on zeppelin it is possible to fall through the world and end up in some crazy place. I wanted to try and make that controllable as far as really putting other players at an inconvenience.


Pretty much, SOMETHING has to happen during that brief loading screen because that seems to the the area of effect with the known bug. I assume this would work with a lock but I will explain it from a priest POV.


NOTE: You must be going from grom’gol TOO org as that is when your victim is flagged.


1. You should be targeting a level 30-40 so there HP is not very high. You need to be able to make a pretty accurate guess at how much HP they have. You will be using a DOT to kill your target DURING the loading screen.


2. You need to be staying at the bottom of the zep so you can see whats getting on it before you waste your time. You do need to zoom out so you can see the people getting on as you will need to hurry in some cases.


3. Lets say you see a level 32 run aboard you guess he has 1700 life. As the zep takes off, run up there and DOT him up with just ONE dot (Assuming you are level 70 with decent gear) You need to time it just right so that the killing blow of your DOT kills them during the loading screen.


4. If it worked, when you get out of the loading screen, their dead body will not be there. [smile]


This happened to me but I wasnt sure if it had worked or not. I dont have a friend of the opposing faction on this server to test it out with. However a short time after I got a whisper from the guy who was pretty mad.




Source  http://www.wowbootybay.com

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