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Weapons guide, i didn't made it, but it's very useful so i decided to share


H&K USP45 Tactical (USP)


Price: $500

Country of Origin: Germany

Caliber: .45 ACP

Clip Capacity: 12 Rounds

Rate of Fire: N/A

Weight: 1 KG

Projectile Weight: 15.2 Grams

Muzzle Velocity: 886 Feet/Second

Muzzle Energy: 553 Joules


In-game Damage Meter


Avg. damage to unarmored chest: 30 hp

Avg. damage to unarmored head: 100 hp

Avg. damage to armored chest: 15 hp, 8 armor

Avg. damage to armored head: 65 hp, 33 armor

Avg. damage to unarmored chest (silenced): 26 hp

Avg. damage to unarmored head (silenced): 100 hp

Avg. damage to armored chest (silenced): 12 hp, 7 armor

Avg. damage to armored head (silenced): 50 hp, 25 armor


Basic advice and techniques


• When possible all players should try and keep a slow rate of fire, not only does it increase your accuracy but it also increases the percentage of your bullets reaching your target. For example you should try and complete your 12 rounds within around 4 seconds firing 1 bullet each time.


• In close range combat or versus multiple targets it can sometimes be at your advantage to rapidly fire at your opponents, for example if 5 players are rushing you in an enclosed space. In close ranges one bullet against an unarmored opponent can kill instantly if you shoot them in the head, so always try and aim for the head.


• The USP is one of those guns you have to sometimes ride your luck and take chances, mainly because of the amount of bullets you have. In most cases if you get rushed by 5 terrorists on the pistol round you will need to reload your gun, so always position yourself somewhere you can get your second magazine reloaded.


• Another interesting variation on styles that can be seen is whether to be mobile or stagnant when firing the USP, from my experience at long range I stand still to increase my accuracy and during close combat I become mobile to avoid my opponent’s bullets.


• The most important part of using the USP is to attempt to aim for the head on every occasion, considering a body hit will do around 15dmg and a headshot will do 65 to an opponent with armor. I also never use the silencer on the USP as it severely decreases the damage dealt upon your enemy.





[9 x 19 MM Sidearm (GLOCK)


Price: $400

Country of Origin: Austria

Caliber: 9MM Parabellum

Clip Capacity: 20 Rounds

Rate of Fire: N/A

Weight: 0.9 KG

Projectile Weight: 8 GRAMS

Muzzle Velocity: 1132 Feet/Second

Muzzle Energy: 475 Joules


In-game Damage Meter


Avg. damage to unarmored chest: 18 hp

Avg. damage to unarmored head: 80 hp

Avg. damage to armored chest: 9 hp, 4 armor

Avg. damage to armored head: 40 hp, 21 armor


Basic advice and techniques


• From personal experience most players tend to keep their glock primarily on the semi-automatic mode to start with, this is mainly because on burst at longer ranges it becomes pretty random. Also even in close combat if you get even on shot to your opponents head he’s in some serious trouble.


• The burst mode which can be used is very useful in close quarters and can be effective while being mobile as well as jumping unlike the USP. The rare thing most people may not know is that on an armoured victim a headshot on burst mode at times can instantly kill your opponent.


• In close combat on semi-automatic the best advice is to try and spam your opponent as much as possible and during middle range fights to use a slow but steady rate of fire.


• At long ranges especially, I tend to shoot even slower and concentrate on my accuracy. Shooting slow one-bullets at your opponent can be extremely effective. At long ranges it all depends on your rhythm and accuracy. I can guarantee that this technique will get you more results than just spamming at your target.


• Another technique I use is when I’m at middle to close range is if I get a headshot on my opponent and they are difficult to hit, I’ll switch the mode to burst so I have a greater chance of hitting them. This is especially effective when they are low health points since they will only need a small amount of damage to die.





Night Hawk .50C (DEAGLE)


Price: $650

Country of Origin: Israel

Caliber: .50 Action Express

Clip Capacity: 7 Rounds

Rate of Fire: N/A

Weight: 1.8 KG

Projectile Weight: 19.4 GRAMS

Muzzle Velocity: 1380 Feet/Second

Muzzle Energy: 1650 Joules


In-game Damage Meter


Avg. damage to unarmored chest: 60 hp

Avg. damage to unarmored head: 100 hp

Avg. damage to armored chest: 40 hp, 8 armor

Avg. damage to armored head: 100 hp


Basic advice and techniques


• The deagle is the most powerful pistol in the game, its main advantage to any other pistol is that it can shoot through walls and can instantly kill an opponent if you get a headshot. Its main weakness is that you only have seven bullets in a clip, literally every bullet does count.


• The main two techniques that I currently employ when I use the deagle, is either rapid fire or a slow rate of fire, personally I choose which one to use depending on the range and my opponents weapon/positioning.


1. Close Range – The best method in my opinion when you are really close to your opponent is Rapid Fire, what I mean by that is spamming your opponent as fast as possible while standing still. I’m not so sure if all professional CS players like to use this technique, but I have found it to be quite effective. Normally several of the bullets out of 7 will hit your target although obviously if there are multiple targets I would use a slower rate of fire and try and just headshot my opponents.


2. Middle / Long Range – At these kinds of range I tend to use a slow rate of fire, shooting one-bullets at my opponents and trying to get the headshot is the easiest way of getting the kill. The slower your rate of fire the more accuracy you will have and the bigger chance of hitting your target.


• The deagle is the most famous gun on eco rounds, many teams buy armour and a deagle when they have lost the pistol round. This is mainly because of its power and versatility against an opponent who may have no armour or a weak long range weapon such as an mp5. The deagle can also be deadly if you have 5 players shooting at one opponent as it is more than likely you will get that headshot and kill your opponent.




Maverick M4A1 (M4)


Price: $3,100

Country of Origin: United States of America

Caliber: 5.56 NATO

Clip Capacity: 30 Rounds

Rate of Fire: 685 RPM

Weight: 3.22 KG

Projectile Weight: 4 GRAMS

Muzzle Velocity: 2900 Feet/Second

Muzzle Energy: 1570 Joules


In-game Damage Meter


Avg. damage to unarmored chest: 35 hp

Avg. damage to unarmored head: 100 hp

Avg. damage to armored chest: 20 hp, 5 armor

Avg. damage to armored head: 90 hp, 20 armor

Avg. damage to unarmored chest (Silenced): 30 hp

Avg. damage to unarmored head (Silenced): 100 hp

Avg. damage to armored chest (Silenced): 24 hp, 5 armor

Avg. damage to armored head (Silenced): 84 hp, 15 armor


Basic advice and techniques


• Burning Death (tap-tap) – This technique is based on shooting several bullets one after the other at a fast pace. This style of shooting is more common with the AK, but can also be effective when you use an M4. The target that you are shooting will often become bobbed (hard to move) so that it is easier for you to kill them. Often players will use this technique to first disable their opponent and then go for the killing blow. At longer ranges it can be extremely effective as your opponent will find it difficult to shoot back at you because when you are being hit like this, your accuracy is dramatically decreased. I tend to use this technique the most when my opponent is stationary or I’m shooting them in the back as it is really easy to kill them.


• Spray Control – The spray on the colt is much easier to control than the AK and can be really effective in close ranges. The most common moment that I revert to spraying is against multiple targets. This is because you can sometimes hit both targets at once and the extreme rate of fire means you can hit them considerably before they get to kill you. The key part of learning the recoil is practice, the main advice I can give is to always aim for the head and drag your crosshair down.


• 3 bullet burst – The most common technique used, the three bullet burst is one of the easiest techniques to master and is more down to your rhythm and timing than anything else. Bursting in CS is slightly different to some other games and there is a slight delay until you can burst accurately again, I would advise going onto a server and practicing. I tend to try and aim at the head to start with and then drag down a little.


• Killing Burst – This technique involves a five bullet burst against your target, this can be extremely effective against targets that are not strafing side to side as it can kill in one burst anywhere on the body. I tend to use this technique most against people that are rushing me, as it is a quick easy kill.





CV-47 (AK)


Price: $2,500

Country of Origin: Russia

Caliber: 7.62 NATIO

Clip Capacity: 30 Rounds

Rate of Fire: 600 RPM

Weight: 4.79 KG

Projectile Weight: 7.9 GRAMS

Muzzle Velocity: 2329 Feet/Second

Muzzle Energy: 1992 Joules


In-game Damage Meter


Avg. damage to unarmored chest: 38 hp

Avg. damage to unarmored head: 100 hp

Avg. damage to armored chest: 27 hp, 4 armor

Avg. damage to armored head: 100 hp, 15 armor


Basic advice and techniques


• The AK has much more power than the colt meaning it does a lot more damage on each hit. From personal experience I find that once you master the recoil and techniques the AK is the superior weapon. Its main advantages generally come from having has more accuracy at longer ranges and increased damage, although its weakness is the control.


• The techniques that I explained earlier for the colt can also be applied to the AK, but from personal experience the burning death technique can be extremely effective with the AK compared to the colt because it is easier to “bob” your opponent and instantly kill your opponent with a headshot, unlike the colt.


• The spray also varies considerably from the colt to an AK as it is much harder to control: the AK needs to be dragged down a lot more than the colt and can shake from side to side a lot more. Spraying against multiple targets with an AK is probably not such a good idea with the AK and I would advise spraying at your targets only if they are blind or lining up.




Magnum Sniper Rifle (AWP)


Price: $4,750

Country of Origin: UK

Caliber: 338 Lapua Magnum

Clip Capacity: 10 Rounds

Rate of Fire: N/A

Weight: 6 KG

Projectile Weight: 16.2 GRAMS

Muzzle Velocity: 3000 Feet/Second

Muzzle Energy: 7000 Joules


In-game Damage Meter


Avg. damage to unarmored chest: 100 hp

Avg. damage to unarmored head: 100 hp

Avg. damage to armored chest: 100 hp

Avg. damage to armored head: 100 hp

Avg. damage to leg shot: 85 hp


Basic advice and techniques


• Double Zooming – I tend to use this most when I think my opponent is going to just step out without flashing or I’m watching a tight angle at range. This is because you will more than likely see them half a second before they have time to react. The best times to use the double zoom are definitely at longer ranges because the target becomes enlarged, for example the top of bombsite one on dust2 looking down towards the big pit.


• Single Zoom – This is the most common method I tend to use because of its versatility and the fact that you can see more on your screen. It's much easier to turn away from flashbangs if you're only single zoomed and when multiple targets begin to rush you it's easier to get your crosshair on your next target than double zoomed.


• No-Scopes – There is no fixed rule about how to no-scope. The technique I use is to click my right mouse button first and then straight afterwards to click my left mouse button. The timing needs to be near perfect to make sure that the gun scopes in time so that your bullets register. There is no quick road to learning how to no-scope but there are a few tricks. One of which is after you have taken a shot zoomed in the next time you don’t need to bother zooming in as the shot will go straight.


• Positioning – In my opinion the most important factor when being a good sniper is your positioning: when you play a professional they will always be in a position where they can shoot a few bullets before their opponent is on top of them. This allows them the opportunity to pick up a few quick kills and makes sure your team has time to help you before the opponent reaches you. The angles are also very important when you’re sniping and you should always wait for your opponent to walk into your crosshair if you can; a lot of good sniper kills will come from predicting were someone is going to walk out.


• Accuracy – Most people rate a sniper on getting ridiculous shots that some other people could never do, but trust me the snipers that people will remember are those that hit every shot. If you take a look at some of the best snipers in CS currently the shots they get tend to be very basic, but they always hit the shot.


• Practice – The biggest factor with awping in CS is practice, you need to regularly be playing death match and practicing those shots. Many of the best awpers in the world have practiced for years with the awp, so don’t expect everything straight away.

credits :www.team-dignitas.org

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o.O never knew silenced m4 did less dmg tnx!


Are you kidding me or what??In real life silenced weapons do less dmg..Watch movies!! :P

Anyway good share and keep up the good work..

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    • totally agree, the problem started with professionals who made easy to open a server, specially interlude has been abused unstoppably since you can open a server with few clicks now days making fewer players for many servers, while back in time when "compile" was a secret and opening a server was going max players but true things are changing and this has become a job but dont lie everyone knows what is going on, lying is showing desperation, better go and work. i've worked with lots of people with kids that invest huge amounts of money into this and fail while they needed the money its an addiction.
    • well,we all know that everyone is doing it for money. And it's acceptable since you put much more effort than the usual admins. If you're proffesional on l2 servers,i don't find a reason to not see it as a job. Ofc it's job,but all jobs has their own prides. I'll talk about me,i'm a guy that working 10 +/- hours per day. I have 2-3 free hours on my daily activity and sometimes i enjoy playing Lineage because nostalgia hits me everyday. If you are many years on scene,u'll understand that lineage will never be the same like old days. Days that we was gathering at internet cafes,and the battle was daily. Anyway, some people perfer to pay big clans and provide them black market with special prices and benefits that a casual player wont have. Also big clans means big wars,so server will have population even if you have zero quality. And there is some projects that wont pay those d1ckheads,so they wont join them and project need to find other ways to increase the population. So,i'm a player that i'll donate 20-40-50 euros on every server i play,and usually i'm getting "scammed" since they re-open their server every 2 months. And the problem is that,i personally don't mind to donate few money every 2 months for my joy,but the majority of owners has zero knowledge about L2 gaming. That's why they can't fix a sh1t,and when the problems pile up,they slowly close the server and starting advertising for another one. Actually,on high rate scene mostly,is the same guy that doing it everytime. He opens his project for 1-2 months,he close it and before he shut down the server,he has already started the advertising on his next server with different name. It's just crazy and that part shouldn't be acceptable. So yes,i perfer to support a project with honest admin team,and somewhere they have the knowledge to implent things. Business is business,but at least as community,we should enjoy our game that we love, cheers. 
    • thanks for sharing !! any guide to install this? it would be great!!
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