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[AIO]All "How-To-Guides" "Tutorials/Strategies"


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Well i am pretty much bored so i decided to make a post including video guides on how to do almost everything in Counter-Strike.


1st From Noob To Expert Guides


Part2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzFq3nNTwEk&feature=related


2nd How To be a leet aka 1337




3rd How To Bunny Hop



4th How To Long Jump + High Jump + Count Jump






5th How to Wall BUG



6th AwP Guide




7th How to run faster




Since everyone want their copyrights every video includes its credits so its meaningless for me to post them again. If there is a guide which you think i missed , be that kind and post it in here :). I hope you guys learn smth from that although i don't 0wN any of these videos but we should be thankful to the guys that made them so we can enjOy'em now^^. Kay Bye NoW!^^

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nice, especially awp one :) and you should add pistols/guns tuts too(my opinion)

Would be awesome if you could provide links =)

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Its not parachute its wall bug i have done it myself, if you'd like me to show you how its done give me an IP of a server you play on with maps  where the walls are suitable for this bug for example






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