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[Share][VAC2 Proof] VDC: Project Mayhem Cheat v3.02 (Multiple Games)


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This cheat will be peridoically updated so make sure you check for the newest updates frequently.

To Autoupdate, start the loader, locate the icon in the tray icon area *right next to the clock*, right click on it, and you should see an option to “Check For Updates”.

It'll check our servers for an update and either report if the version is out of date or that it is currently updated.


The current version is Version 3.02




VAC2 optimized

Fixed autorecoil

Fixed crashing on Game(any MOD) load



Re Release



Project Mayhem v3.02


Developer- Kalvin

Co-Developer - Christ

Lead Beta Tester - gir489




* Hitbox Style Aimbot

* Bone Style Aimbot

* Origin Style Aimbot

* Auto Pistol

* Smooth Aiming

* Randomized Aiming

* Triggerbot

* Adjustable Aim Spots

* FOV or Distance Based Aiming


* Wallhacks

* Fullbright

* Nightmode

* Whitewalls

* Entity Glow

* Outline Walls

* Wireframe

* Super Flashlight

* Nosky

* Thirdperson

* Remove Gun

* Crosshair

* Scope Removal

* Quake Guns for selected mods


* Radar w/ Overview


* Name ESP

* Entity ESP

* Weapon ESP

* Sprite ESP

* Box ESP

* Distance ESP

* Spiked Models

* Barrel Effects

* Reload Meters

* Entity Glow

* Player Glow

* Target Lights

* Sound ESP

* Adjustable ESP positions


* LTFX Speedhack

* Bunnyhop

* Duck Jump

* Grenade Dodge

* Autofollow

* Turn Hack

* Spinhack


* Clock

* Clean Screenshots

* Winamp

* Mouse Driven GUI-Works in windowed mode

* Console

* Scripting Engine

* In-game HLSS


* Anti-Screenshot

* Speed Graph

* Spycam

* Rearview Mirror

* Say-stats

* Stats-box

* Grenade Trace

* Flash Percentage



* Auto Updating Offsets

* Auto Updating Binary

* Seperate MOD saves

* Seperate Menus


Commands And Installation


After you have successfully downloaded Project Mayhem Cheat, open it up with Winrar


1. Double click on the downloaded file.

2. Unzip (Ctrl + A, then drag and drop

into a folder).

3. Open (double-click) "Mayhem.exe" within the folder and click "monitor".

4. You should now have the program open. You don’t need to do

anything else but start your preferred game, so enjoy cheating!


Once you are in-game, and you wish to change settings, you may need to use the following commands:


* delete opens the “console”


* home toggles the “hlss”


* insert opens the “menu”


As you can see, “del”(delete) is the command, and “console” is the effect. With this, you should know that:


* Command delete opens Project Mayhem console

* Command end toggles your multiplayer communication link(by toggle I mean you don’t need to hold it down to keep it on/off)

* Command home opens HLSS (Half-Life Sound Selector) for your microphone spamming needs

* Command insert opens/closes the menu, and saves the cvars you have changed


Treat the Project Mayhem console like the STEAM console,

except for the commands. You won’t be able to use your arrow keys to

highlight menu options in the menu, you will need to use your

mouse (mouse movements to highlight, left click to select, and right

click to go back).




* OGC Team

* P47R!CK

* LanceVorgin

* XanTrax

* Akane

* tweak

* Azorbix


* tabris

* Ap0c

* kirby

* siodine-

* h1web

* DavVv

* jLn

* wav

* FX-Illusi0nz

* Silvernoma

* suxx

* gir489

* CampStaff

* czar

* b2k5

* The entire community

* Game-Deception


Supported Games


* Counter Strike

* Condition Zero

* Team Fortress Classic

* Day of Defeat

* Half - Life

* Half - Life DeathMatch

* Opposing Force

* Natural Selection

* The Specialists

* Science and Industry

* Pirates Vikings Kings

* Battle Grounds

* FireArms

* Desert Crisis

* Hostile Intent

* Digital Paintball

* Zombie Panic

* Global Warfare

* And more



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For me the same problem. Does not work on cs 1.6 nosteam version., like it should. Menue has very much graphical errors and you cant select anything.


And by the way for steam: VAC2 Detected ;)!

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    • totally agree, the problem started with professionals who made easy to open a server, specially interlude has been abused unstoppably since you can open a server with few clicks now days making fewer players for many servers, while back in time when "compile" was a secret and opening a server was going max players but true things are changing and this has become a job but dont lie everyone knows what is going on, lying is showing desperation, better go and work. i've worked with lots of people with kids that invest huge amounts of money into this and fail while they needed the money its an addiction.
    • well,we all know that everyone is doing it for money. And it's acceptable since you put much more effort than the usual admins. If you're proffesional on l2 servers,i don't find a reason to not see it as a job. Ofc it's job,but all jobs has their own prides. I'll talk about me,i'm a guy that working 10 +/- hours per day. I have 2-3 free hours on my daily activity and sometimes i enjoy playing Lineage because nostalgia hits me everyday. If you are many years on scene,u'll understand that lineage will never be the same like old days. Days that we was gathering at internet cafes,and the battle was daily. Anyway, some people perfer to pay big clans and provide them black market with special prices and benefits that a casual player wont have. Also big clans means big wars,so server will have population even if you have zero quality. And there is some projects that wont pay those d1ckheads,so they wont join them and project need to find other ways to increase the population. So,i'm a player that i'll donate 20-40-50 euros on every server i play,and usually i'm getting "scammed" since they re-open their server every 2 months. And the problem is that,i personally don't mind to donate few money every 2 months for my joy,but the majority of owners has zero knowledge about L2 gaming. That's why they can't fix a sh1t,and when the problems pile up,they slowly close the server and starting advertising for another one. Actually,on high rate scene mostly,is the same guy that doing it everytime. He opens his project for 1-2 months,he close it and before he shut down the server,he has already started the advertising on his next server with different name. It's just crazy and that part shouldn't be acceptable. So yes,i perfer to support a project with honest admin team,and somewhere they have the knowledge to implent things. Business is business,but at least as community,we should enjoy our game that we love, cheers. 
    • thanks for sharing !! any guide to install this? it would be great!!
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