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[Share] Change your Icons,Sounds,Models,Skins,Textcolors,Backgorunds & More


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Welcom to the Customization Guide



Here is one thing I want to say befor you read the guid:

After you know how to use custom files and you interested in changing more things, here is one tip, use mpq-master and look through the whole mpq-file(s), and you will find out more things that you can change. I did this myself and things like the team-color and weather(not posted yet) changes came out. If you find anything that you want to share with us, you can send me a massage and I will add it into the guid.


Here are some ideas ....


-Missiles(you can change attack and spell missiles)








The following part is to show you how to change the files that you want and some things that i found out. That does mean that you can change lot more things then they are in the guid in this moment, cbecasue I think its easy enough to find out what you have to change if you have an idea.



1.1 Useful Links

1.2 Previews

1.3 The Way to change files

1.4 Change Team Color

1.5 Change Sounds

1.6 Change Text+Colors

1.7 Styles

1.8 Icon Sets




Useful Links

List of hero-model and icon paths

Selfmade Styles

Theme Manager

Model, Skins etc.

The Hive Workshop

All Files uploaded on mediafire.



Here is a preview of how your DotA could look like.








1. You need mpq master

With this program you can open the wc3 mpq file to find the path of the different models, skins, icons and borders.

All custom files I got from here:


Icons and Borders

Animated Models

Check this Link for other models, icons etc.

With this program you can convert the .blp files to .tga pictures to rework them.


1.Download this file

This will allow you to replace the files you want to change just by putting them into your WarCraft folder.


2.Go to The Hive Workshop and look for a Model/Skin/Icon that you want to change.


3.Now find out wich file(s) you have to replace.

If you have choose a skin for PitLord you have to find the path of the current Skin.

There are different ways to find the path

a)Open the worldeditor, go to Object Editor, chose any Unit or whatever, go to Art-Model File and now you can search, have a look at the screenshot.


b) Go to this Page (here you can

find the path of the Icon,Model,Voice and Missile)

c)If you have some WarCraft knowledge you can use mpq-master to search for the original Units,Skills or whatever.

d)Sometime you can find the path in the description of the file that you have downloaded.


-if you have found the name of the file(s) that you want to change, use mpq-master to open the war3.mpq or war3x.mpq if the file is from TFT (some files can only be found in the war3patch.mpq) and use the filter function to search for the file(s).



Note:That skins(.blp) and model(.mdx) files are sometimes in different folders and dont have the same or original name of the Unit/Skill/Icon.


(If you have found the path with the worldeditor you dont need the mpq-master for step 4.)

4.No matter what kind of file(s) you want to change, the next step is always the same.

If you have followed the steps befor, you should have an open mpq-master and you can see where your file is placed.Attached Image



Go to your WarCraft folder and create the folder that you can see in the mpq-master or in teh worldeditor.

For Example: Look at the last screenshot, to replace the pitlord.mdx we have to creat this folder

-Units, in the Units folder a Demon folder, in the Demon folder a PitLord folder. (Units\Demon\PitLord)


5.Rename the downloaded file to the name of the file you want to change and put it in the folder.


This method works for all files that you want to change and its easy reversible, just give the file wrong name(for later use) or delete it.



If you need or want a visualization, look at my




TEAM Color

You can change the Teamcolors and TeamGlows by extracting the colors colors that you want to change, open war3.mpq and go to ReplaceableTextrues\TeamGlow and TeamColor.The Colors are:













as far as I know all others are black

Then exchange the names of booth files and put them in the ReplaceableTextures folder(with TeamColor and/or TeamGlow inside) in your Wc3 folder(if you dont have one just creat it)

Its possible to use own colors, extract one color, convert it with blp-converter, change it to the color that you want, convert it back and put it in the folder(described above)

Could look like this:




If you want to change sounds, for example on the main screen, go the the war3x.mpq

open the folder sound and search for the sound that you want to change.


Note: The sound is always repeated.


Here is a tip, you can change the music with the -music command in dota, search for the different sounds(orc1 or whatever) exchange them, maybe with a song and u can open your favorite songs with -music command in dota.



To change the text and/or the color on the buttons, use mpq master and open the war3patch.mpq, search for GlobalStrings and extract the file.

Open GlobalStrings.fdf with Editor, the next steps are explained on the screenshot.



You can find the wc3 color codes here.

Tipp: You can change nearly everything, just use the search function of the editor to search for the original text.

For exsample you can change the text in the loadingbar.





3 different button styles


Darkness Template



Pojken Template




Sexy Template



Dark Prince Template



DotA Background





All are made by CRAZYRUSSIAN.




















Hope this Guide will help you. Have Fun with your "own" DotA (warcraft).


All credits go to h0ok.ed

Source Official Dota Forum

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congratulations +1 karma for all of your work in the wow section :)


keep it up :D


Thank you a lot xKenji!


I will try to do my best!


Thanks again!

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that's amazing...

i think the dota section should me more interesting...

i have play lineage,cs,l2, another MMPORG games and i play 3,5 years dota...

i haven't bore it yet :P

but the anothers yeah..pff!

Good Job Morian!

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