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[GUIDE]XML Stats [for NewbieZ]

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Hy! Here you can view a lot of stats and i tell you how to use it(if you dont know..)

First of all sry for my bad English...

This stats what i going to write it you can find it in  java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/skills/Stats.java file. (usually..)






Maximum HP - maxHp

Maximum CP - maxCp

Maximum MP - maxMp

HP Regeneration - regHp

CP Regeneration - regCp

MP Regeneration - regMp

Heal Effectivness - gainHp

Heal Proficiency - giveHp

Heal Bonus - bonusHp


Attack & Defence

Power Defence - pDef

Magic Defence - mDef

Power Attack  - pAtk

Magic Attack - mAtk

(Power) Attack Speed - pAtkSpd

(Magic) Attack Speed - mAtkSpd

Magic Reuse - mReuse (how fast spells becomes ready to reuse)

Shield Defence - sDef

Shield Defence Angle - shieldDefAngle

Critical Damage - cAtk

Critical Damage(add) - cAtkAdd ( in a critical attack give you +patk,,,,, example mods:crit power,crit damage SA )


PvP Bonus

Physical Damage - pvpPhysDmg

Magical Damage - pvpMagicalDmg

Physical Skill Dmg. - pvpPhysSkillsDmg


Atk. & Def. rates

Evasion - rEvas

Power Skill Evasion - pSkillEvas

Shield Rate - rShld

Critical Rate - rCrit

Blow Rate - blowRate

Lethal Rate - lethalRate

Magic Critical Rate - mCritRate (mCrit doesn't work!!)

EXP,SP Rate - rExp

Cancel attacks - cancel


Accuracy and Range

Accuracy - accCombat

Attack Range - pAtkRange (for fighters)

Attack Range - mAtkRange (for mages)

Attack Angle - pAtkAngle (for fighters)

Attack Count Max - atkCountMax (example:if you use pole you can attack more monster than normal)

Attack Reuse      - atkReuse (make bows hit simple hits way slower and will not affect skills)



Run Speed - runSpd

Walk Speed - walkSpd



STR  -  STR  (Physical power,physical skill's crit rate)

DEX  -  DEX  (Atk. spd., physical skill spd, accuracy, evasion, critical hit rate, dagger skill'z success (such as deadly dlow), shield block rate and run spd)

WIT  -  WIT (Magic critical rate, casting spd, resistance to hold, curses (such as HP regeneration,decreased HP recovery rate, skill re-use time, and decreased effect of heals).

INT  -  INT (magic dmg)

MEN  -  MEN (magic defense,max Mp, mp recovery speed, poison resistance, poison resist., concentration)


Resistances, vulnerability

Aggression - aggressionVuln

Bleed - bleedVuln

Poison - poisonVuln

Stun - stunVuln

Paralyze - paralyzeVuln

Hold,Root,ETC. - rootVuln

Sleep - sleepVuln

Confusion -confusionVuln

Movement - movementVuln

fire - fireVuln

wind - windVuln

water - waterVuln

earth - earthVuln

holy - holyVuln

dark - darkVuln

cancel - cancelVuln (resist. for cancel skills)

debuff - debuffVuln

Critical - critVuln (resistence to Crit dmg.)


Weapon resist

noneWpnVuln - Shields














Reflect Damage Percent - reflectDam (pay attention! not reflectDmg!! reflectDam)

Absorbs Damage Percent - absorbDam

Transfer Damage Percent - transDam

Reflect Skill Magic        - reflectSkillMagic

Reflect Skill Physical      - reflectSkillPhysic


Patk;Pdef against monster types:


More patk to giants -    pAtk-giants

More patk to undead -  pAtk-undead

More pdef against animals -      pDef-animals

More pdef against monsters -  pDef-monsters



Inv. Limit - inventoryLimit

WH. Limit - whLimit

Freight L. - FreightLimit

Private Sell L. - PrivateSellLimit

Private Buy L. - PrivateBuyLimit

Rec. Dwarf L. - DwarfRecipeLimit

Rec. Common L. - CommonRecipeLimit


Consume Rates

Phys. Mp. Consume Rate - PhysicalMpConsumeRate

Magical Mp. Consume Rate - MagicalMpConsumeRate

Dance Mp. Consume Rate  - DanceMpConsumeRate

Hp. Consume Rate    -    HpConsumeRate

Mp. Consume          -    MpConsume

Soulshot count - soulShotCount


Skill mastery

Skill mastery - skillMastery



Breath - breath (more time you can swim in water)



0x08 - to set

0x10 - to add/sub (weapon, armor, jewelery) & (STR, CON, DEX, INT, WIT ,MEN)

0x20 - don't use it (used by hard coded formulas)

0x30 - to mul/div (masteries, buffs, debuffs, SA's, Armors_bonus)

0x40 - to add/sub (masteries, buffs, debuffs, SA's)

0x50,0x60 - not need.



Skill Multipliers, "addontionals"

Can be used with: mul order, mul val ...


2.0  100%

1.90  90%

1.80  80%

1.70  70%






1.10 10%

1.0  0%

0.90 -10%

0.80 -20%

0.70 -30%






0.10 -90%

0.0  -100%


Can be used with: add order, add val ...


1 - 1

2 - 2

3 - 3 ... :D



if you want to add an armor +3 evasion:


<item id='10177' name="Black Half-Mask">


<add val='3' order='0x40' stat='rEvas'/>




___________ OR ___________


if you want to add a weapon 20% Heal Point:

<item id='8190' name="demonic_sword_zariche">


    <set val='361' order='0x08' stat='pAtk'/>

    <set val='137' order='0x08' stat='mAtk'/>

    <set val='12' order='0x08' stat='rCrit'/>

    <add val='0' order='0x10' stat='accCombat'/>

    <set val='325' order='0x08' stat='pAtkSpd'/>

    <enchant val='0' order='0x0C' stat='pAtk'/>

    <enchant val='0' order='0x0C' stat='mAtk'/>

    <mul val='1.20' order='0x30' stat='maxHp'/>




___________ OR ___________


If you want to add any resistance to anything:


  (not official stats->)

  <skill id="3561" levels="1" name="Ring of Baium">

    <set name="target" val="TARGET_SELF" />

    <set name="skillType" val="BUFF" />

    <set name="operateType" val="OP_PASSIVE" />

    <set name="castRange" val="-1" />

    <set name="effectRange" val="-1" />


      <mul order="0x30" stat="poisonVuln" val="0.60" /> ----> give you 40% chance to resist!!

      <mul order="0x30" stat="poisonVuln" val="1.10 /> ----> this is the bad example.

      <add order="0x40" stat="accCombat" val="2" />

      <mul order="0x30" stat="cAtk" val="1.15" />

      <mul order="0x30" stat="rootVuln" val="0.70" />

      <mul order="0x30" stat="pAtkSpd" val="1.05" />

      <mul order="0x30" stat="mAtkSpd" val="1.04" />







I hope to help this, newb. Sry for my bad Enligsh, again. If you have any question write post. Bye. ;)



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