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Ok, maybe I need to clear out more:




My option.ini:






Title=L2Walker 10.4.9


Token=5B 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 5D










and set.ini:






























IP,toke, protocol version and server port are right ones.




and for running:




I start walker with token.exe


This is how far it goes:


L2Walker óñïåøíî ïðîïàò÷åí äëÿ ðàáîòû ñ ñåðâåðîì shock


Óäà÷íîãî âàì Áîòîâîäñòâà! Æåëàþ íå âñòðåòèòü GM'îâ! =)


Copyright by Hint (ICQ # 309-662)


12:45:29 »¶Ó­Ê¹ÓÃÌìÌÃÐÐÕß¹²Ïí°æ£¡Öйú¹²ÏíÌì¿ÕÂÛ̳http://bbs.chinadev.net¡£


12:45:30 Link LoginServer Succeed.


12:45:30 ->Login LoginServer Fail.






So, what I'm doing wrong :?:


Server is "c4"-server




Thanks in advance

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first learn how to use a bot then cry on a forum .. like a baby ...




stop acting like this. it pissing me off.




Maxtor beleve me i know what i doing... if you will give them eveytime what they need they will never learn something ... they need to try again and again and again .. till they will do it... This remind me about my first dupe on MuOnline ... like 2-3years ago .. it took me 5hours to do it... i never gived up .. i readed that guide ... over and over again .. till WHAAAA .. I did it w/o ask questions ..




On Topic .. guys... one hint... try more l2w versions ^^ remember not all versions work on some servers ...




P.S. : Sory for my bad english .. its not my native lang..

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I'm still in same situation, tried 10.4.9, 10.5.8 and 10.6.1


No go.. :cry: What could i do wrong?


Login port is 2106 for sure, with it it fails at same second, i tried also with 7777, after 30 sec it brings timeout

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Hey' date=' if anyone would want to help me with this problem.


server IP


Uses updated official client.










lol it doesnt worth searching, first its l2j, second it has only 150 accounts, and third , online players are ~2-3 lol

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don't try to connect with l2walker on dexternet because you will baned.


automatical until 2007 :((. it happend to me. :).


i think with anather version but i try with l2walker 10.6.1 an is a god verzion. so find anather solution, or... anather server :D

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Look at the config files from a L2J. Admin can allow or dissallow Walker, and if dissallow he can also autoban.


And with the new versions even if admin does allow Walker, you couldn't connect (maybe there is a hex to do or another patch).

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