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  1. i like this one CLICK ME
  2. I use the subsilver one.. is more cool for me :>
  3. well isn't realy a site.. is a portal/board ... but is good job maxtor .. nice ppl here
  4. im back from now on.. i finished all the exams.. hope i pass em all... i can help with this project
  5. nope if you set it to be invisible to gmlist.. the only place where you could get counght is Character table :P
  6. simple ALT + B if you will see server rates.. ppl online and others.. is l2j .. if you see black ... is off :P
  7. thx for the offset.. well it work for me on a l2off server i just tested it out no dc on start.. played a little with it eveythings ok on it :P
  8. update it for 10.6.4 too 10.6.4 : $005393A0
  9. this ideea is unless cuz you can hide the walker process or give him system id so ur proggy can't kill him :D
  10. replace all files(L2.exe, NWindow.dll, Egine.dll) after you run the launcher if they have one.. includeing help.htm from l2text folder... or chk the help.htm now and see if is empty
  11. i just don't trust noobs programs prove me its working post src or tell ppl how you made it :D i don't open shitly programs sorry
  12. strange.. user with 3 posts joined 1 day ago ... hmmm i think is a trojan... not useing it untill i see the src.. or you explain me how you created it to prove is working