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  1. This script is old and I don't think it will work on any off-server. It's one of the script that has always been with hlapex when you download it (monster.pas)
  2. This is great ! I had a nightmare I would have to enter every color in the text mode ;D Thank you.
  3. Nice one. Thx. The biggest problem is that you can not change the token (or I didn't find it).
  4. Looks fun, too bad I can't register (if someone is willing to give me an account > pm, thanks you) PS:The link you gave is not working >> http://l2goodvsevil.net/
  5. I think someone posted an "how-to". /moved to help
  6. Use a newer version or try to set your path radius to a bigger value. /moved to help
  7. Didn't you forget to set "sweep" for the mob in the mob list ? Or auto sweep in "other heal" ?