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[Warning!] engine.dll

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Hello i am post here first time but dont ignore me, becouse i am not new guy


who come to l2 exploits world. I have a problem with new (i think so) engine.dll


encryption, the situation is:


Today my l2walker stoped working, think what token has ben changed but...


Egame server (http://l2.egame.lt/) updated theirs server engine.dll, I think what they change


the token, but token is same! Revision, OffSet's, ip and ports are same to so, i think


they do something to engine.dll becouse update come only for this file. Same encryption


use and BeyondC3 server. So we need join our forces to eliminet this protection,


i uploaded to rapidshare site old and new engines (orginal, and extracted from with HexProbe) for egame server, if we crack this protection we could play on this and bc3 servers with walker, maybe and other servers who use this crap.. I hope Maxtor and other smart guys will help to crack.




3.32mb OLD






5.48mb NEW



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I noticed that too. Admins done something to engine.dll. Token and other things is same but walker just stoped working.




20:33:02 Link LoginServer Succeed.


20:33:02 ->Login LoginServer Fail.

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I dont know is it true but ppl says that Token has been coded another method and only windows 95-98 users can decode this because some decoders work only with 95/98




And WhyDoes maxtor sayd that he wold look to bc3 server but he didn't look..




Sorry for my eng...

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I didn't test it but try token :


5B 3D 2B 30 2A 5E 26 23 25 24 40 21 2D 22 2E 3B 2C 2E 3D 5D


Protocol 530


Whis token is in engine [old] but then they realesed engine [new] token is same! all things we need for l2walker is same, but l2walker stop warking, and its not 95/98 encription, because we can read token from memory with Hexprobe and dont need 95/98 os... So maybe i think they changed the place (in engine.dll) of token ar lenght, can it be?

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I used this programe http://rapidshare.de/files/10890919/TokenProtocol_engine_v2.rar.html


to find the protocol and token of my server!It decrypts the engine.dll and i found out that the token changed but my walker still doesnt work!


What my server actually changed was the L2launcher into version 1.5


Since then I can not log with my walker!


The program i give u is virus free ofcourse 100%


So can anyone explain what the hell changed or maybe should we w8 for a new token.exe


Oh yeah the program has an exe once u run it, it asks u to find the engine.dll


Once u find it it gives u the token and the protocol!

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they just found new method..


So any solution?Any rumors?




not yet, nothing. i dont have time to look, but soon there will be a solution to this.

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they just found new method


new method...??


i don't think so..


they maybe changed some of the server files that allow/disallow l2walker..


on l2j it is on the server.properties so it must appear somewhere on the official server files ;)


search out :)

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