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interlude [L2OFF ]Lineage2DEX.com x100

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Opening June 17 at 19:00 (UTC +3)
Open Beta Test from June 10

Link to announce : https://forum.lineage2dex.com/threads/16500/

This is pre-announcing of summer season server, so we want to share some key points of this new server. Full details we announce a bit latter.
Summer is a time for rest and vacations, so we decided to make this season much easier and less hardcore than usual.

Our features:
We use classic Interlude rules, no Kamaels, new races or new gear (maximum S gr like it should be on Interlude). But yes, we are using a new modern client, and we add new content to make your gameplay more varied and interesting.
So if you before play only on default Interlude servers it will be not a problem for you image.gif.3ba1f539e10bbf5563e26f0a852350bf.gif
And for players who before not play in la2 at all, we have good Data Base in game where you can get all detailed info about server + we have very friendly core Dex community on discord who will help you with pleasure.

  • New Classic Game client (more FPS)
  • Unique TvT system, with 1 week season, rating for best players in classes. Good reward (you can get for it even epics, even if you solo player, just regular visit it)
  • Daily Instance Zones with good rewards (Rim Kamaloka, Labyrinth of Abyss + others instance)
  • Daily reward system. Visit game each day being Nobless and get reward.
  • Daily Quests
  • Item Broker Auctions in towns and Fair on Giran Harbor
  • Masterwork items (can be obtained by crafting or farming RBs )
  • PvP Items
  • Residence skills
  • High-end content (details below)
  • Cycle macros

Some changes on summer season:

  • x100 Exp Rates
  • From the start, all characters have 24 slots buffs (you don't need Divinity books)
  • All characters have from start buff book with all buffs. From Astarte, you can get book with buff profiles.
  • Simplified system for getting Nobles
  • Reworked TvT season system

We have destroyed the stereotypes that x50 servers live for a couple of weeks. And our Union x50 server proves it (working for 3+ years with good online and clans fighting for Epic bosses and on Daily PvP) We have enough content that will allow you to maintain interest in the game all the time! And we are always working on improving the game and adding new interesting activities and content.
Our Last (winter) season start from November 5 2022 and was merged with Union on March 28 2023 (5 month).

High-end activities on start will be not available, we will add it gradually with time.

High-end content:

We will be glad to hear any comments and suggestions on our discord channel, join it we have very friendly community there image.gif.f2ebb7a64bf6cd4b1eebbfda15a63bff.gif
- Join discord


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Dear Dexters! We are ready to announce Server description for Summer season (2023)

  • Grand Opening June 17
  • Beta start June 10

-  For players who first time plan to play on Dex, or who want recheck all info check this topic: https://forum.lineage2dex.com/threads/16520/ Also I recommend visit Guide section on forum, if you interesting of specific features, read about new locations, items etc: https://forum.lineage2dex.com/forums/254/


-  For our regular players and those who are well aware of how the Dex seasons work, we have prepared a short topic for you with only differences from our last season to save your time 😉 https://forum.lineage2dex.com/threads/16512/ (edited)

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Dear friends, June 10 at 19:00 (UTC +3) will be available access for our test server.
UTC+3 - exact time now - Time.is


During beta test will be available OBT Manager (NPC Eva) in Giran with all necessary items for test.
We run 7signs in 3h cycle. So you can register and test it.
We strongly recommend visiting beta. Check the concept of the server before it start. View the NPC Buffer, Shop, Services.



For participation in our Open Beta you can use your old Master Accounts(web account).
But you need to create new Game Account fore NEW Interlude x100 server on your Control Panel.

If you don't play in our project before - register new Master Account

Download links:

Full Game Client (torrent)
Full Game Client (direct link)

  • If you download Full Game Client - just unzip it, run updater choose NEW server, click on Repair than after update - click Start Game.
  • if you already have our game client - Run updater choose NEW server and click Repair.
DON'T forget choose NEW Interlude server on Updater:

Join in our Discord Chanel - Join the Lineage2Dex Support Discord Server!
Here you can find all important news, guides, communicate with other players and admins.

Don't forget, Open Beta test is TEST server, so please make maximum test before opening, check classes that u plan to play, check shops, mobs etc. Don't just stay in the Towns enchanting weapons image.gif.28ff5f08496f0098c6ef7c171039726b.gif
Have a fun!


Dear Dexters! We are ready to announce Server description for Summer season (2023)

  • Grand Opening June 17
  • Beta start June 10

-  For players who first time plan to play on Dex, or who want recheck all info check this topic: https://forum.lineage2dex.com/threads/16520/ Also I recommend visit Guide section on forum, if you interesting of specific features, read about new locations, items etc: https://forum.lineage2dex.com/forums/254/


-  For our regular players and those who are well aware of how the Dex seasons work, we have prepared a short topic for you with only differences from our last season to save your time 😉 https://forum.lineage2dex.com/threads/16512/ (edited)

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11 hours ago, KejbL said:

thx but dont need coruppted server and Kazama 🙂

This community died a long time ago.

I still remember the good old days when the Dex introduced low-rate servers, and it was incredibly exciting.

But now, the community there has become really unpleasant, and everyone wants money just to be able to play on the server every week.

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Everything you need to start on the server:

- Register an account

Download links:
Game Client - Torrent
download from ftp
download client (mirror)

Download archive (~12gb) unzip it, and 1 time run launcher to update files
Be sure you choose NEW server on updater

If you already have our game client Download just updater put it on this client, run it, choose NEW server and press UPDATE
Download Updater

Detailed info how setup and prepare game client

Server Full description
Starter packs (Today last day with 15% extra TODs for each order)

What you need to know at the start:

  • Registration for 7 seals from Monday, June 19, full cycle 1 week. First Mammons on Friday June 23

Epic Raid Bosses:
At the start all DEAD!

When Epiq respawn you always can check in ALT+B Raid tab

All others RB alive on server start (including Sub and Nobl RB)

Full RoadMap for Summer season (2023)

About possible attacks on server start.
We have prepared as good as we can. We will control the start of the server together with you all.

Want to ask you, in the case of a problem, don't panic, panic is the worst possible thing that could be, even worse than any attack. We have enough specialists to solve any problems, all that will need from you is patience and trust.

Wish you all a smooth start and months of enjoyable play in new Summer Season Interlude x100!
Have a fun!

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Dear Dexters! of lineage.ro
Congratulations to all with successful opening! It's really amazing! 🎉 
We don't have any problems, any restarts or DCs. All was smooth, players were able to enjoy a vigorous start 👍 

✅ Today: 
➡️ This evening first epic will spawn - AQ (check in ALT+B time)
➡️ Nobless available fot ToDs on NPC Astarte

✅ Tomorrow: 
➡️ Unlocked talent tree - Tier 1 (max 30 points)
➡️ "Team v Team" event starts"
➡️ "Giran Harbor Fair" event
➡️ Opening reg for 7s (18:00)

Full RoadMap for Summer Season (2023)

We wish everyone a pleasant and fair game. We are sure you will enjoy and get a lot of fun playing on Dex 🙂

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1 hour ago, rookie23 said:

corrupted server,bad files,not worth to join

If you are going to make these accusations, you should give some reasons or examples why you think this server is corrupt and what files are bad. I have never played this server, but I know it was popular at some point.

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Episode 2 - "Hellbound" has been started! (26.06 - 02.07)

➡️ Unlocked talent tree - Tier 2 (max 60 points)
➡️ Start cycle of Grand Olympiad Games (week without fights)
➡️ "Collecting Medals" Event (for 2 weeks) 
➡️ Opening 1st part of Hellbound (left part of island)
➡️ Don't forget about first Sieges! (02.07)
➡️ Added special currency Hellbound coins(dropped from HB mobs) with these coins you can buy:
➡️ ➡️ Resources, Parts, LS, Enchants, Giant Codex
➡️ ➡️ Items for making 9 lvl of clan
➡️ ➡️ Make PvP equipment

Other changes:
➡️ Decreased Exp from bosses in Hall of Abyss/Labyrinth of Abyss

Full RoadMap for Summer Season (2023)

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General information
Dark Invasion is a daily event that takes place at 22:30 (server time) and has duration 15 minutes.
A global alert will appear 2 minutes before the invasion starts. You can register to event if you are 70+ level.

When event starts you will be teleported to location where invasion is taking a place.
If you missed the registration, you can still run to the portal's location and participate in event.
Portal can appear near Gludio, Dion, Giran, Aden or Goddard Towns.
During the event, you have to fight Shilen's army that appear from the dimensional portal.

Monsters appear from the portals, similar to those that you could meet in the catacombs.
All these monsters drop solid amount of Seal Stones and can be killed without a party.

They are not aggressive, but if you kill monster near each other they can attack you together.

There are 5 type of enemies:
Shilen's Captain - Undead. Strong P.Def, Strong P.Atk., reflect some damage from melee attacks back to attacker.
Shilen's Guard - Undead. Strong P.Atk., Immune to lethal attacks.
Shilen's Sniper - Undead. Strong Mdef, strong P.Atk.

Shilen's Wizard - Demon. Strong M.Def, strong M.Atk., reflect some damage from melee attacks back to attacker.
Shilen's Elite Guard* - Demon. Strong P.Def, very strong P.Atk.
* - Shilen's Elite Guard appears only 1 at the same time for each portal. They have more HP and better drop.

Invasion Leader
If you kill enough monsters the Invasion Leader can appear.
Invasion Leader is a Raid Boss which can be killed only with a group of players.
It has strong resistance against sword and blunt weapons.
Also he has powerful minion with short respawn time.
Everyone in party which made lasthit on Invasion Leader will receive  Treasure Sack - Dark Invasion.
Also everyone in that party has a chance to increase Soul Crystal level:
10 -> 11: Chance 20%
11 -> 12: Chance 20%
12 -> 13: Chance 10%

When Invasion Leader dies all nearby players will receive an effect Triumph:

When 15 minutes passed - dimensional portals will be closed and invasion will end.
High Priest of Dawn will appear and give a Treasure Sack - Dark Invasion for everyone who participated in event.

Treasure Sack - Dark Invasion contains:
x1-x3 Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76 (Loyalty*)
x1-x3 Giant's Codex - Mastery (Loyalty*)
* - Loyalty items cannot be traded.

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