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[L2OFF] Lineage 2 Alendria


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We are really glad to see you there and we would like to wish you a huge welcome !

> Lineage 2 Alendria is launching a new x30 Gracia Final server using our own L2OFF platform.
If you are looking for a decent server with good working admins and where you will be able to spend your day fighting with decent farming time, then you are in the right place to enjoy it !
Please feel free to check our features and start working on your strategies to be the most feared player of the server.

Account registration is already available.


Open Beta: Wednesday, June 15 at 20:00 GMT+2

Live: Friday, June 24 at 20:00 GMT+2


Chronicle: Gracia Final PTS 

Platform: L2OFF (own extender)
Server Time: GMT+2 (use .time to get real time in game)

Experience: 30x
Skill Points: 30x

Adena: 30x
Drop: 10x
Spoil: 10x
SealStones: 10x


Enchant: Retail like



Buff slots: 20 + 4 (Divine Inspiration)
Song/Dance slots: 12
Autolearn skills


Class Master: free.
Subclass Quest: 10.000.000 Adena at Destiny Master.
Nobless Quest: Party last hitting Barakiel (no quest needed).

Scheme Buffer: 1 hour buffs with 5 schemes per player maximum.

Siege: every Sunday with two seperate times, Giran & Goddard at 16:00 and Heine & Aden at 20:00.
Territory War: Every Sunday at 22:00.

Olympiad: 1 week period (nomination Monday at 19:30), match takes place at 20:00 till 00:00 everyday.


Community Board with GMShop, Giran Teleport & scheme buffs.
Subclass level max: 85.
Subclass have access to certifications skills from the main class.
No Quest needed for Certifications Skills.
Skills Master: Allow you to learn certifications skills & enchant skills at Giran.
Cloaks can be equipped without armor.
Players start with top No Grade stuff.
Fortress: Guards level has been increased by 15 to be around level 82.
PvP Zone at Epics.


C, B and A Grade with SA.
Scrolls Enchant D, C, B.
SoulShots D, C, B, A & S.
Mana Potion (1000 mp / 10sec reuse).
Quest Items (boss entrances high price).


Special Contents:
We have added few little customs to improve gameplay/balance and add some nice visuals.
"Piece of Fabric" will be needed to purchase those items.
Everyday at 20:00 till 00:00, a random high level zone will be selected and mobs there will drop "Piece of Fabric".


Special Bracelet with elemental resists.
Special Cloak with very little bonuses.
Epilogue Belt with PvP Attack/Defense.


Alliance with Varka: Quest has been disabled, only Alliance with Ketra is available.

Alliance with Ketra: Item Drop x5 & Trader now allow you to buy full armors + jewels immediately.

Gather the Flames: Item Drop x5 & Rooney now let you choose between getting a recipe for 1200 Torches or a full weapon for 6000 Torches.

Relics of the Old Empire: Item Drop x5 & Ghost of Adventurer now let you choose between getting a random recipe for 1000 Broken Relic Parts or a random full weapon for 5000 Broken Relic Parts.


Opened later after server going live, it will be opened to level 13.
Hude sell Dynasty Recipes & Parts + Full Weapons & Armors.


PvP Competition:
Each PvP is rewarded by a "Player Skull" that can be traded at Shop.
Weekly ranking with Top 10 rewards.
Season ranking can be checked ingame.
Dodging anti-feed protection will result into a definitive ban.


World Boss:
All World boss have increased Level.


Ant Queen (lvl 83) - Respawn 1 day +- 1 hour - Drop 1 jewel at 30%
Core (lvl 83) - Respawn 36 hours +- 1 hour - Drop 1 jewel at 30%
Orfen (lvl 83) - Respawn 36 hours +- 1 hour - Drop 1 jewel at 30%
Zaken (lvl 83) - Respawn 2 days +- 1 hour - Drop 1 jewel at 100%
Baium (lvl 83) - Respawn 3 days +- 1 hour - Drop 1 jewel at 100%
Frintezza (lvl 85) - Respawn 2 days +- 1 hour - Drop 1 jewel at 100%
Antharas (lvl 85) - Respawn 7 days +- 1 hour - Drop 1 jewel at 100%
Valakas (lvl 85) - Respawn 7 days +- 1 hour - Drop 1 jewel at 100%


Flame Splendor of Barkiel - Respawn 6 hours +- 10mins
Varka's Hero Shadith - Respawn 12 hours +- 1 hour
Varka's Commander Mos - Respawn 12 hours +- 1 hour



.time (get real server time)
.expon (enable exp gaining)
.expoff (disable exp gaining)
.offline (start offline shop)
.autoloot (to turn off/on autoloot)


Website: www.l2alendria.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/JuguS3shmH


We count on all of you to help us promote the server and bring as much players as possible.
Thank you for anyone supporting our server and we hope that everyone will be able to enjoy it.


We wish you a nice journey on Lineage 2 Alendria !


Lineage 2 Alendria Staff

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We are going to launch our Open Beta in about 5 days and we can't wait to see all of you !

It's the perfect time to bring all your friends, clan & enemies If you have any questions, feel free to ask and get ready for the opening.

See you soon on Alendria ! 🙂

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Dear players,


Only 2 days left before our Open Beta !
Feel free to join our discord and gather all your friends.
In 1 week & half our server is going live and we hope to see all of you !


See you soon on Alendria 🙂

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Dear players,


Open Beta is now available !


You can download everything on our website.
If you have not created your account yet, you can do it on our website too.


During Open Beta:
- you can use .beta command to get some items.
- you can talk to Test Server Helper at Giran to get free items.
- Heros are selected every day at 19h30 GMT+2.
- PvP Season ends everyday at 20h00 GMT+2.


Thank you everything for your participation, feel free to give your feedback.


See you soon 🙂


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Our open beta is going great, we have over 130 characters created in 36 hours and we are seeing people all days.


You still have time to try everything and be ready for the opening.


We count on all of you, see you soon on Alendria ! 🙂

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Thank you iPwned for your words, really appreciated ! 🙂




Dear players,


We are getting closer to our Grand Opening, you still have few more days to try it & bring all your friends !


Currently, we have more than 200 characters created since the start of the Open Beta.


Help us to promote our server and make Alendria a great place to play !


See you soon 🙂

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Dear players,


Beta is now over in order to prepare the Opening.
Thank to all participants for your tests, suggestions & words.
During this period, overs 300 characters has been created.


We hope to see all of you in exactly 2 hours for our Grand Opening !


See you soon 😉

Dear players,

Server is now Online, enjoy your adventure on Alendria !

See you in the battleground 😉

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Dear players,


Time to give some stats and information, since we have been opened since 5 days.
But first, we want to thanks all people that play and are planning to play on our server !

We are not the biggest community nor the perfect one, but we are tried everyday to improve our server without deviating from our initial goals & features.


We currently have:
- over 300 accounts
- 300 characters created
- 10 clans created


Our online is stable even if some people left, some news players joined our server and we are literally constant about our number.


A first iteration of the Captcha has been implemented and will be improved everyday.
We have renewed our dedicated server just now, so we are here to stay and grow every single day !


Keep in mind that it's never late to start on Alendria, currently only the S grade is available, and Hellbound will be released in the near future.


We hope to see you on our server and we wish you a very nice game on Alendria !

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Dont join this server its waste of time! Server died cause no antibot everyone botting 24/7 no jail or ban in whole week of botting. Some players running s items full atri from botting  Fog/Iop

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Dear players,


We are constantly improving our server and we have now added Capturable Zone on Varka to add another reason to PvP.


Hellbound is not released yet, but will be in the coming days.
Once Hellbound is opened, it will be a bit easier to get your S Grade.


So you still have enough time to join now and catch up all other players.


We hope to see all of you soon ! 🙂



To answer Doomus, as I can see your posts on your profil, it is only to criticize and give negative feedbacks to all servers... not a single normal message.
And to answer your message, we are fighting them and punishing them. We even developed a captcha system on L2OFF to limit it even more. Players are running in S grade because it's pretty easy to get it in few hours if you farm efficiently with right classes.

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Dear players,

Server has been online since almost 2 weeks now, we are continuing to improve it and making it alive.
We want to thank every single player that participate into our adventure, each of you are important and part of our history, so thank you very much again !

Now, we have some exciting news & information about upcoming restart, changes...

Hellbound will be opened at level 13 this Saturday 9 July at 20:00 GMT+2.
You will have to level up your quest, to be able to trade farmed items to Hude.
Remember that on our server, you will be able to trade for full Dynasty if you pay more items.
Dynasty is not targeted to be easy and fast to obtain, it will requires a good amount of farming.
Since it will be top grade for the moment, Hellbound will be a concentrated zone of interest and it should generate great pvp activity.


Starting Wednesday 6 (tomorrow), we will make a restart that will include some bonuses.
In order to help new players, we will add a XP Rune 50% for 5 hours to each newly created character.
For all new clan, we will set your clan to level 5 & give "Mark of Ketra Alliance - Level 5" + 1 Birthday Cake to the Leader (pm us on Discord to get it).
For existing clan, if you are not level 5 yet, your clan will be automatically set to level 5 with the restart.

Forge of the Gods, Imperial Tombs & Alliance with Ketra quests will have doubled drop quantity (x5 -> x10) to help players to reach S Grade.


We will do our best to push some advertisement waves too, to bring as many players as possible !


/!\ In addition, we have a new person on our staff that will be focused and dedicated to track & slow botters, we hope it will gives great result and help us improve even more our server.
Captcha improvements & servers quality of life changes are still on a daily task.


It's time to bring your friends, your clan and even your enemies !


Have a great time on Alendria ! 🙂

Edited by L2Alendria
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Dear players,


We have now opened Hellbound to level 13.
It means that players will only start getting S80 items in few days, so you still have lot of time to join us and catch them up !


We hope to see all of you, see you soon 🙂

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Dear players,

We have been online for almost 3 weeks and we are trying to constantly improve our server and make it a nice place to play.
We want to thanks every one playing here and giving precious feedback.
Our server will keep improving and trying to bring people, we have many ideas and projects to keep Alendria alive for a long time !

That being said, let's focus on the new changes & features we are working on.
In order to attract new players, we have decided to add additional bonuses so they can join and compete easier with older players.
It means that at the next restart, XP rate will be x100 till level 76 (excluded), x50 till level 81 (excluded) and the rest will be x30.
When taking their class (on MAIN class, not SUB), players will receive Shadow D at 1st class, Shadow C at 2nd class and when reaching the 3rd class, they will get Shadow Weapon S (4 hours) + Queen Ant, Zaken & Baium Shadow for 7 Days.

For older players, they will receive automatically Queen Ant, Zaken & Baium Shadow 7 Days in their inventory.

We are currently working on a new system that will allow you to choose your certification skill PER SUBCLASS, each subclass will be able to have their own certification skills.
Capturable zone will be improved and we are looking to develop a new type of capture, that will require to cast a skill to capture it, having some sort of daily fixed time to capture it, as a little "siege" and give a bonus for the next 24 hours.

The next 7 days will be a bit slow from our side, so expect the next update around 21 or 22 July.

We hope those changes will help bring more players & that you will appreciate them ! 🙂

We wish you a great time on Alendria & have fun !

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