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I'm really lazy about the interlude servers out there. Always same settings, same events, same gameplay.

Thinking about it, some friends and I have been developing our server which, in addition to many new features, has a great differential in its main gameplay.

Everything on the server will be revolving around FAME, which is the main parameter that classifies how strong a player is.

When you get fame, you can go up from Elo Ranking (ranging from Iron III to Challanger - In total there are 22 rankings) and as with any ranking system the difficulty grows ~=Exponentially.

Practically everything in L2Scary gives you FAME Points, and some things drastically reduce such points (losing events, failing instances, losing a pvp, olympics... etc)

By climbing to the High Elos (Master, GrandMaster and Challenger) you will be able to unlock new instances and be lucky enough to get rewards by killing players. Some stats may also go up (but this is still an idea)










Fame Zones

The FAME system is fully integrated with the battle between clans. In L2 Scary there will be Fame Zones, and these have spot battles, that is, if your clan dominates an area for more than 10 minutes, the clan players within this area will get 100-200 fame every 10 minutes.

Oly, TvT, Tournament, CTF, Party Farm Event, Kill The Boss Event

In all these events it is possible to win FAME, however it is easy to lose in the same measure.

Raid/Grand Boss

Each raid boss will have a fame bonus for the pt that did the most damage, just like the LastAttacker.

That said, let's go to some of the most common settings and features:


Common Features

- Exclusive daily instances
- Clan Ranking Killing (Boss/Siege) every 15 days
- AutoFarm for VIP and FREE players (purchase)
- Daily missions with awards (and guess what? FAME)
- Daily login rewards
- Skin System +25 Skins
- Achievement System
- Weekly Olympics
- Siege every 15 days

Q: What about rates?
R: who cares? It's a PvP server (just kidding)





How will the Elo system at www.l2scary.com work:
(OPEN 10/10/2021 19:00 UTC-3)
> There will be 22 Elos (low elos: Iron III for Diamond I and High elos: Master for Challanger)
> Killing players, Raid / Grand Boss, completing daily instances and winning some server events will earn you FAME!
> To go up the Elo it is necessary to obtain FAME on the server (NOTE: Fame will not be available for purchase / donations. It is only possible to obtain fame by PLAYING !!)
> When ascending, you will have the chance to receive rewards and also unlock new instances with different rewards.
> By dying you will LOSE FAME, as well as losing failed events and instances (couldn't be that easy, right?!)
> FAME is not a game item, but you can buy items in multisell so to speak. (When buying items, you may end up
falling off the Elo, but the items are very special and you'll have to put them on the scale!)
> Other ways to get fame:
- Dominate the FameZone location with your clan (every 10 minutes generates an average of 100 Fame points for each clan player in the zone)
NOTE: Fame Zone will not launch within the first week of the server.
- Winning the tournament and the Olympics
- Be the MainDamageDealer (player who dealt the most damage) or the Last Attacker (player who took the last hit) in
kill the event boss
- Winning Siege (if you lose a siege, you will lose fame too)
> All Elos have a fame ranking that shows the most famous players.

I believe they already have a lot of information about our system, but not only that, a lot of ideas are already under development.
for server post-launch, who's coming with me?!


 Opening: 10/09/2021 (Friday) 19:00 UTC-3 (Brasilia)


website: WebSite

facebook : Facebook


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