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GRAND OPENING: 14 May, 2021 • 19:00 (UTC -3)



L2Raiz - Lineage 2 Interlude.

Site: www.l2raiz.com

Server, Site and Forum Hours - UTC -3
1st, 2nd class free
3rd class quest retail
Auto loot. (Not for Boss)
Auto learn skills.
Subclass quest retail.
Nobless quest retail.
Seven Sings retail.
Limited access - 10 sessions per PC.
Shift-click mobs to view droplist.
Offline Shop (.offline) - Open store and exit game. (unlimited)
Automatic server restart at 05:00 (UTC -3).


Experience (XP) x45.
Skill points (SP) x45.
Adena x20.
Drop/Spoil x2.
Drop Boss x2.
Quest Drop x2.
Safe Enchant +3
Max Enchant +16


Champion - Stronger monsters drop Event Reward (5% chance - Minion) and Ticket Boss (2% chance - Champion).
Monastery of Silence - Location of champion mobs
Ticket boss can be exchanged by Boss Jewels

These bosses that drop ticket boss (1-2 Tickets):
Fire Of Wrath Shuriel
Roaring Skylancer
Ocean Flame Ashakiel
Storm Winged Naga
Death Lord Ipos
Hestia Guardian Deity Of The Hot Springs
Ketra's Chief Brakki
Varka's Chief Horus
Cherub Galaxia
Epic bosses drop Ticket for Boss.


Raid & Epic Bosses
Barakiel respawn 8h
SubClass bosses spawn every day 10h and 19h
Zaken spawn Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 22h
Queen Ant/Core/Orfen spawn Monday, Wednesday, Friday 22h
Baium spawn every sunday 10h
Valakas 12 days respawn
Antharas 10 days
Frintezza 10 days (2 party in channel)
.offline - Offline Store.
.xpon - Allow exp/sp gain.
.xpoff - Block exp/sp gain.


Game Shop
Equipment grade D is obtained by adena in npc Mario in Dion.
Equipment grade C/B is obtained by adena in npc Robbert in Giran/Goddard.
Equipment grade A is obtained by craft retail.
Equipment grade S is obtained by craft retail.
Consumables are available from the npc Robbert.


Duration time 2 hours.
Max. 20 slots + 4 divine inspiration (books needed).
Nobless Blessing skill do not occupy slots.
Npc buff with 2 class buffs and COV.


2 Castles - 7 days


Period 15 days
Games start with 4 Participants
Time 19:30h - 23:30h


All other configurations are retail.

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    • I started on a random c3 server - it was a low rate one; but not for too long anyway. My internet cafe and I quickly moved to c4. I remember l2pvpx, l2dex, l2max, l2brazuca, l2forever; too many to remember. L2Gold was probably the first custom server I tried, back when having a weapon with SA and Noblesse was the big thing. After that, I think L2AePvP (rechristened L2Pride) became a big thing in our internet cafe. Even though most of us had a computer and internet at home - 100mbps fiber (in the building) in early 2000, in our city.   I regret not playing WoW. Only a few nerds played this game when I was a little kid.   I was playing a lot of DotA and other custom maps on Warcraft 3 - mostly on Garena. CS 1.6 was a game I dominated the most in terms of performance; late elementary school/early high school.   I rarely play L2 and CS:GO these days. Mostly DotA 2 - my biggest performance was probably in 2016 or so. Now I'm a noob. Mostly playing occasionally with other noobish friends.   So all my life I've been a Counter Strike, DotA, Lineage 2 player. I tried other games, but not for too long, I got bored very quickly. I guess competitive gaming is for me. But as you get older, you don't have the same reflexes or time for it. The change will be made sooner or later.
    • I heard a lot about Ashes, if you manage to make a MxC guild I would eventually join when it's up (I'm support, generally healer, btw).   Hopefully, we don't wait for nothing. Those days, games are launched while they're not even ready. 😄
    • Time for another summary of our updates over the past 24-48 hours!   We've implemented many new Telegram services, at some amazing prices! Some of the best being: 1559 - Telegram Members [10K] [Instant - 5K/D] - $0.43 1560 - Telegram Members [50K] [1H - 50K/D - AR14] - $0.66 1561 - Telegram Members [0% Drop] [5K] [1H - 5K/D] - $0.93 1564 - Telegram NFT Members [5K] [1H - 5K/D] [Non Drop] ⛔ - $1.57   We've also reduced the price of a few of our Telegram services: 1261 - Telegram Members [50K] [1H - 10K/D - AR3] - Price decreased from $0.52 to $0.44    1265 - Telegram Members [50K] [1H - 10K/D - AR7] - Price decreased from $0.60 to $0.51        Instant Instagram Views have also been further reduced to offer the best prices across the market! 1550 - Instagram Views [Works on Normal/IGTV/Reels] [10M] [Instant - 10M/D] - Price decreased from $0.025 to $0.015    1122 - Instagram Views [Works on Normal/IGTV/Reels] [50M] [Instant - 1M/D] - Price decreased from $0.05 to $0.016        We've also introduced two instant Twitter services, which we expect to be extremely popular: 1555 - Twitter Likes [5K] [Instant - 5K/D] - $0.55 1556 - Twitter Retweets [5K] [Instant - 5K/D] - $0.55     And finally, we've made a start on our AUTOMATIC (subscription based services), these can be found under the category Instagram Automatic Services [Subscription Based]. A few of the listed services are: 1567 - Instagram AUTO Likes [5K] [Instant - 5K/D] - $0.02 1573 - Instagram AUTO POWER Likes [10K] [Instant - 5K/D] - $1.04 1570 - Instagram AUTO Views [Works on Normal/IGTV/Reels] [10M] [Instant - 10M/D] - $0.015 1575 - Instagram AUTO Impressions + Reach + Profile Visits [1M] [Instant - 1M/D] - $0.11 1572 - Instagram AUTO Comments [Random] [10K] [Instant - 5K/D] - $0.73 1571 - Instagram AUTO Saves [5K] [Instant - 1K/D] - $0.01     We appreciate your continued support and thank you for using SMMFlare!
    • @xRelic se euxaristw poli filaraki.. ara afou les oti exei arketa themata as dw allo pack kalitera gia na asxolithw.. se euxaristw kai pali
    • Το φροζεν εχει αρκετα θεματα και ενα απο αυτα ειναι λιγο με τα ραιδβοσσ στο σπαουν λιστ...μπορεις να κανεις copy paste το βοοσ και απο l2raidboss να το κανεις νπσ με δικο σου ιδ και να βαλεις συγκεκριμενο τιμε που θες να κανει σπαουν πχ //spawn valakas 1 3600 (wra) απλα θα ξανα βγιε απο την ωρα που θα βγει ... οποτε μπορεις τριτη πχ στις 8 να κανεις //spawn valakas 1 604800 ετσι θα βγει την επομενη τριτη στην ωρα που θα γινει δεαδ... αν θες παλι να εξτρα πραγματα ωστε να γινεται announcements κτλπ θες code απο την αρχη.
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