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Designing services g12designs (Animations)

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Promotion blind faith 5$ for 50$ banners is over. All prices are final regardless of quantity.

Designing services animation/cinematic/banners/logos

2d/3d animation-cinematics, gifs, png's. Any style you want. 


5$ banner example 


10$ banner example





30$ banner example


50$ Web content / Background animation banners-headers






Contact me on discord direct msgs. highest chance to find me there

Discord: G12Designs#5046


Payments are paypal up front as service Not as friends and family. Refunding if you are not happy with the work. 


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I've sent a message on discord

EDIT: talked with him on discord, he does not show previous work and wants us to take " a leap of fate " . I did not proceed with any offer without being able to see what he has done before. I suggest everyone to be carefull with him


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And when i told him that he can't participate in 5 euro if i show him my work he agreed to it. Onces i've shown him my work he could not afford it 😄


In any case 5$ discount is over, my work will be posted with prices.

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