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Twitch subscribe/embed streamer stand alone plugin


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Selling a standalone plugin for websites that allows streamers to embed their channels and list them on your website.

Price: 60$



- Allow/Deny channels listing on the website

- Email notification, if enabled will send you an email when somebody subscribe his/her channel

- Sessions to prevent spamming, if enabled will not allow the same client to resubscribe if a period of time did not passed

- Configuration file controlling most of the plugin features

- Safe mysqli connection class with prepared statements to prevent SQL injections



- Php version 5.6 or later (suggested 7.0)

- Check if twitch allows requests coming from your domain by placing this piece of code anywhere on your website, if the vide frame show up that means you can install the plugin.



Plugin installation is pretty much drag and drop, I'm offering install assistence on my discord or trough anydesk.


** ignore the missing videos on the left, twitch does not allow requests from localhost **

1. Customisable form, the embed and form are wraped into a main div easy to style



2. Form validations




3. Easy to install with just copy/paste 3 lines of code



4. Fully configurable



You can order by PM-ing me here or join my DISCORD

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2 hours ago, Loftheim said:

You guys should make a PHP/CSS Moderator, Developer Rank  or something and give it to him 😄

:)) thx but it's probably too early for that :)) once i'm done with my server website I'l start developing a CMS for L2 and incorporate all these plugins plus a lot more stuff like my donation panel 😄

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