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Interlude or H5 datapack with support

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Hi everyone!


I'd like to start a new server, Interlude or H5. I would like to make it "professional", which means I want a DP with full support, also I would like to have the best protection I can get. 


Please share with me your suggestions, which datapack sellers are the best (I heared about l2jorion that it's quite good), and where I should look for d-dos, and other kind of protections.


Thank you guys in advance for the comments!




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I will recommend Lucera2. The best Interlude pack also have monthly updates + full support.

P.S. - L2jOrion source is shared (based on L2jfrozen) Not good pack.

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Is there any protection (smartguard, d-dos protection) included in this pack, or do I have to get those protections elsewhere? 


"♦ Highly secured antibot system for farm and enchant (captcha)
♦ Improved Security system regarding exploits
♦ Highly advanced administrator security system"

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