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It's been a while since i posted here. Glad to be back :)



WTS 300 billion adena - 3.8 euros / bil & the following items in Naia - NcWest server:


- Blue Cat 6

- Sapphire 6

- +18 R110 DARK BOW 450 3SA


For item prices message me and ask. 


Also sell the following account, with items mentioned included:


Price = 1,700 euro



Feoh Spellhowler  112 lvl / Aeore Cardinal 107 50%
Forgotten Power - Magical Attack  lvl 30
Forgotten Power - Elemental Guard lvl 16
Forgotten Power - Armor Defense lvl 16

Most Skills bewteen +12 to 17


x2 Lvl 4 Legendary Dye INT
x1 Lvl 5 Legendary Dye INT

Veteran Mask +3
Atlas Earring +12
Dragon shirt +5
Shiny Elemental Shirt +7
La Vie en Rose's Brooch lvl 2.
Saphhire lvl. 4
Amethyst lvl. 4
Obsidian lvl 4.
Opal lvl. 4
Blue Cat lvl. 3
Lucien's Bracelet Magic +6
Evolved agathion Taurus stage 2
Agathion Capricorn - Stage 4
Agathion Cancer - Stage 7
Augments: Giant's Battle Roar lvl 1, Reflect lvl 3 (old aug), Spell Refresh lvl 3 (old aug), Clarity lvl 3 (old aug), Party Recall, etc.

Also the account has x1 30-day XP Runes and x1 30-day Prestige Pack (Drop rate/adena runes etc.)

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20 minutes ago, inventus said:





add me on discord and mail me all conversation Celestine#8699 my discord


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