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Lineage II Bots [English] Rules


In this section you are able to create a new topic about Lineage II Bots.
All you have to do before start posting, is read the following simple rules.




- In this board you can use only the English Language. If you want to speak greek, for any reason, then use this board.

- Do not use this section to request a bot or to ask for help. Instead, use this sub-board.

- If you are willing to create a new topic, then make sure to include the proper prefix at your topic's title.
[share], if you are willing to share anything such as a Bot or a Script.
[Guide], if you are willing to create a guide concerning Lineage II Bots.
[Other], if your topic is not about anything mentioned above, but has to do with Lineage II Bots.


[Request], if you want to request something.
[Help], if you want to ask for help.
[LF], if you are looking for something.

- Avoid creating double topics (create a new topic that has already been made in the past).
How to know if a guide or share has already been made? Use the Search Box on the top 4NTdjtd.png

- If you share with us anything that has not been made by you, then make sure to include the proper credits at your topic.
You have to respect other people's work. In case you claim a share to be yours while it isn't, you will be punished.



Before posting links for download(no matter what(tool,programms etc)).


Be sure that you'll also post a virusscan in order to be sure that your link doesn't got any virus or such shits.

Also,don't claim that 'i found it on the net and i post it here in order to be tested by you',if you won't post virusscan(s) your topic will be junked.


use this site for virusscan(s).

Follow these simple rules and everything will be fine and organised.

With appreciation,
MaxCheaters® Staff.

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Updated (20 March 2020)
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