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WTS Mods & Features

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Hello guys, I have made several mods & features for my project and I'm going to sell them individually.

This topic has nothing to do with the project's topic. Here I'm selling only the features individually.

They are made for aCis but they can be adapted to any project.



1v1 PvP Battlegrounds -> 60 Euro


- It's a tournament for players, only 1v1.

- This tournament is scheduled, so you can put unlimited specific times to run.

- You can set the duration in minutes.

- Tournament is instanced, that means unlimited matches can be done in the same time in the same zone.

- Spectate mode for all running matches is available.

- Spawning NPC with special effects when tournament opens and the opposite when closing.

- Queue task running every X seconds to generate new matches.

- Battle task running every X seconds to check disconnected players.

- Buff restoring after finishing a match -> removing all extra buffs comparing to buffs you had at beginning.

- Perfect working and totally debugged (including all checks).


Donate NPC -> 20 Euro - - -

- Change name, change sex, nobless status

- Clan level 8, clan reputation, clan skills

- Hero status for X days

- Augmentation for equipped weapon (just picking the skill you wish and your weapon gets augmented).

- Special skins (accessories) including try option for 10 seconds.

- All prices & values can be changed through the HTML without restarting the server.


Buffer NPC -> 10 Euro -

- Ready buff sets.

- Options to create your own buff sets.

- Showing your current buffs and the maximum buff slots.

- Each buff includes detailed description & skill icon in HTML.

- Organized with pages to avoid long HTML.

- Clicking again on a buff, it's getting removed.

- Buff time configurable for each buff (id,time;id,time).

- Custom list for counting buffs (you can add which buffs you want to count as buff slot).


Event engine -> 40 Euro

- Currently implemented 6 events (TvT, CTF, DM, LMS, RITM, URF).

- Running vote poll every X minutes and next event is chosen by players.

- You can create a new event really easy by extending an abstract class.

- Reward for kill, reward for top teams, reward for top players.

- Result panel after event is finished.


Vote engine -> 15 Euro -

- Global vote reward (hopzone, topzone, network) including reward limit per IP.

- Individual vote reward (hopzone, topzone, network, l2votes,, l2jbrasil, l2topservers).

- A mini weekly event, rewarding the player with most votes of the week.

- Vote Buff which can be used after voting X sites.


Fast Augmentation -> 5 Euro

- If you double click on the Lifestone, your equipped weapon gets augmented.

- If you get a skill, you get an announcement on screen and the weapon gets unequipped automatically.


Real clan ranking -> 10 Euro

- Real clan ranking counts your clan's efficiency based on actions.
- Clan ranking is increased in the ladder by hunting bosses, conquering castles & killing war enemies (you can add any other option you like).
- You can choose the exact date to finish the event and the rewards as well (you can set different rewards for different ranking).


A unique monster instance -> 5 Euro

- It's used for party zones mostly.

- The monster drops rewards individually to each player who did X damage.

- Bishops are getting rewarded also based on heal value they did to attackers.


Dynamic pvp zone -> 10 Euro

- Changes automatically every X hours or minutes.

- Very easy to add/remove zones with unlimited respawn points.

- Respawn button to respawn inside the pvp zone, To Village if you want to leave.

- Reward for top X players based on pvp made inside the zone (result panel as well).

- "Blessed" version of pvp zone (% chance to be blessed) and double pvp points, rewards.



.soulcrystal Soul crystal leveling info -> 10 Euro

- Useful tool for mid/low rate servers (can be put as VIP account feature etc).

- Displays information for the crystal currently in your inventory.

- Displays crystal leveling monsters/bosses, sorted by monster level.

- Auto generated (you don't need to change htmls never when editing soul crystal parameters).

- Automatic paging systems, no need to edit htmls manually.





CB Auction House (like L2Tales) -> 40 Euro

- Many configs to customize it as you want.

- Instant DB item saving/loading to avoid item loss (roll-backs when server shuts down etc).

- Easy searching for items with many options.

- Simple & clean html design.

- Inventory view build in the auction house.




The descriptions aren't detailed, just the necessary information.

In case of many codes, a discount will be applied.


Contact via PM, Skype (harris.devlin) or Discord (Devlin#3715)

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Hey we miss such features for all packs .. I am not sure if I ask u something just my opinion is if u wanna of course 


Working this for many packs .. classic hi5 and c6

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