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pedia xreiazomai ali8ina to help sas ali8ina exw ftiaxei ta panta

alla otan mpenw ston server kolaw sto login..mono otan pezw local dn kolaw...dld pataw ton kodiko m kai m leei you are currently logged in please wait a moment ayto!!!plsss help1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Ean xrisimopoieis rooter dokimase na anoixeis ta ports apo to rooter.

Ta ports pou prepei na anoixeis einai ta akolou8a:


- 2106

- 9014

- 7777

- 80


Sxetika Guides gia to pos na anoixeis ta ports anagrafode sto Forum.


Ean exeis anoixei ta ports apo to rooter sou, kanta mia check.

Mi xehnas oti sto rooter ean zitaei na dwseis mia IP den einai i oute i External IP (WAN IP / IP INTERNET). Einai i IP tou rooter sou.


px H opoia me voi8aei na mpw sto panel tou rooter mou.


Ean afto den doulepsei tsekare an exeis anoixei ta ports apo to tixos prostasias twn Windows

pigenodas stin kartela "exereseis" kai stin sinexeia "Pros8iki Portas"...

Kamia fora xriazode kai auta.


Ean antimetopizeis akomi provlima me to login tou server sou ektos topikou diktiou,

xana tsekare tis ri8miseis pou exeis kanei mesa sta config tou server... pexe k ligo mazi tous kai isws vreis tin akri...


Episis eixa akousei oti mesa apo to table "Gameservers" stin basi dedomenwn sou,

sto pedio Host vazeis tin eggrafi tis External IP kai etc exoun prosvasei apo to Internet.

Den to exw dokimasei... apla etc akousa...



H IP sou allazei ka8e fora pou kaneis restart to rooter.

Gia na mpeis ektos topikou diktiou allaxe tin IP sto host i alliws allaxe tin IP mesa apo to l2.ini

H IP pou vazeis sto host exei morfi " l2authd.lineage2.com"

Episis vale apo katw vale kai to " nprotect.lineage2.com" gia na min exeis provlima me ton gameguard.


px Host File:       localhost l2authd.lineage2.com nprotect.lineage2.com


Elpizw na se kalipsa ligaki...

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    • Does anyone know the name of the program/interface you use to see the health of epics on Essence (Crusader patch)? It is about the new L2Reborn Essence server.   If anyone can help me would be greatly appreciated
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