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Indeed Greeks 0 iq, lucky us the rest of the world +200 iq, otherwise we would still live in caves. (funny thing a scammer- thief -lier has the attitude to talk like that). Anyway Greek government would definitely hire him to be a member of the parliament. This way he will be able to scam a lot more than now. Not to mention the friendships he is about to make with the rest 300 scambugs. 

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Gypsy GM's and Gypsy community.. L2zaken/L2lionna/L2pandora and some more server are from the same GM's they just sell their mother for some Euros...
Impossible .. AND about racism damn.. 0 i.q Greeks? WHEN THIS GUY TOOK MONEY he didnt said anything bad for Greece..
If you dont give him money Greeks has 0 iq.. if u give Greeks are einstain

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