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L2Jfrozen help



Can i have l2jfrozen buffer or l2jfrozen pack/npc ?
cuz at navicat db/custom_npc i have just the class master cat and i can spawn it without problems 

but at gameserver/config/powerpak/powerpak.prop file i enable all but i cannot spawn it


+powerpak.prop files buffer copyes


# Npc Buffer - scheme buffer - set buffs - single buffs
BufferNpcId = 50019
BufferEnabled = True
BufferUseCommand = true
BufferCommand = buffs
BufferPrice = 1
BufferUseBBS = true
#list = skillId,skillLvl;skillId,skillLvl;....
FighterSkillList = 1204,2;1035,3;1036,2;4344,3;1045,6;1048,6;1068,3;1077,3;1086,2;1259,3;1268,3;271,1;274,1;275,1;310,1;264,1;269,1;304,1;268,1;1356,1;1388,3;
MageSkillList = 1204,2;1035,3;1036,2;4344,3;1045,6;1048,6;1078,6;1085,3;1062,2;1259,3;1059,3;273,1;276,1;365,1;264,1;268,1;304,1;267,1;1389,3;1355,1;
# Max schemes that a player can store. Please, do not use too big values
# Default value: 4 (one per subclass...)
NPCBufferMaxSchemesPerChar = 4
# Max skills that a player can store in each scheme. Please, do not use too big values.
# This value should match to max buffs a player can carry
# Default value: 24 (max buffs are 20+4 in retail)
NPCBufferMaxSkllsperScheme = 36
# This enables/disables storing character schemes at server shutdown to database
# Default = True
NPCBufferStoreSchemes = True
# This is to bypasss SQL Adena amount reference so that you can set the same cost for all
# or even setting them for free.
# Free = 0
# Disabled = -1 (if you want to read adena from SQL) 
# Default value: -1
NPCBufferStaticCostPerBuff = 0

but i cannot spawn it do i do some mistakes at configs or do i miss some configs? 

or do i need to to install something at db on ?

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