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l2 pride hack


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i found this hack on the net it's an l2 pride hack



i used it and 2 hours later 500gold were into my player


some AV find it as a virus because it's a hack


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Yeap nice keylogger


Scan results:

AhnLab-V3 2008.11.24.3 2008.11.26 -

AntiVir 2008.11.26 -

Authentium 2008.11.26 -

Avast 4.8.1281.0 2008.11.26 Win32:Trojan-gen {Other}

AVG 2008.11.26 Crypt.ATA

BitDefender 7.2 2008.11.26 -

CAT-QuickHeal 10.00 2008.11.26 -

ClamAV 0.94.1 2008.11.26 -

DrWeb 2008.11.26 BackDoor.Bifrost.750

eSafe 2008.11.25 -

eTrust-Vet 31.6.6230 2008.11.26 -

Ewido 4.0 2008.11.26 -

F-Prot 2008.11.26 -

F-Secure 8.0.14332.0 2008.11.26 -

Fortinet 2008.11.26 -

GData 19 2008.11.26 Win32:Trojan-gen {Other}

Ikarus T3. 2008.11.26 Backdoor.Win32.Poison

K7AntiVirus 7.10.534 2008.11.26 -

Kaspersky 2008.11.26 -

McAfee 5446 2008.11.26 -

McAfee+Artemis 5446 2008.11.26 -

Microsoft 1.4104 2008.11.26 VirTool:Win32/Vbinder.I

NOD32 3643 2008.11.26 -

Norman 5.80.02 2008.11.26 -

Panda 2008.11.26 -

PCTools 2008.11.26 -

Prevx1 V2 2008.11.26 -

Rising 2008.11.26 -

SecureWeb-Gateway 6.7.6 2008.11.26 -

Sophos 4.35.0 2008.11.26 -

Sunbelt 3.1.1830.2 2008.11.26 -

Symantec 10 2008.11.26 -

TheHacker 2008.11.25 -

TrendMicro 8.700.0.1004 2008.11.26 -

VBA32 2008.11.26 Backdoor.Win32.Poison.mto

ViRobot 2008.11.26.1487 2008.11.26 -

VirusBuster 2008.11.26 -


I would never open such a programme when you don't even say what's that!

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mna i have used it so don't tell me about keylogger nowhere it says keylogger

Crypted malware-spyware programme (BETTER NOW)?


I am not 100% sure,if i were i would have banned you in an instant.

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i found this hack on the net it's an l2 pride hack



i used it and 2 hours later 500gold were into my player


some AV find it as a virus because it's a hack


yeye , home made keylogger

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i found this hack on the net it's an l2 pride hack



i used it and 2 hours later 500gold were into my player


some AV find it as a virus because it's a hack


Please dont post b****1t on this forum... we are not idiot's! Go play tetris!
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I am not good like fakoykas ^^


I give you 1 day to put a vid or screens that shows how to do it


if u dont proove it: Locked and Junked  ^^



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