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I'm proud to announce after 2 years of hard work: 





Official Start 21.12.2018 18:00 GMT+1


Website: https://project-chimera.com

Forums: https://project-chimera.com/forums



Social media:

fb_24.png Facebook

twitter_24.png Twitter

youtube_24.png YouTube - soon

twitch_24.png Twitch - soon


Welcome message:



EXP/SP: x55 / Adena: x20
Drop chance: x10

Spoil chance: x10
Quests: x1-3 (depends on the Quest)
Raid Bosses: x3 / Epic Bosses: x1
Augment Skill chance: 20%

Safe: +4, Max: +20
Chance Normal/Blessed: 66%, after +15: 50% chance

Buffs limit 24 + 4 (Divine Inspiration)
Buffs from Npc Buffer are free until 40lvl
After 75 lvl you can't use 3rd class buffs from Npc Buffer
Premium Buffs costs 1-2 Champion's Coins (from Champion's Mobs) 
2nd Class Buffs/Dances/Songs: 1h
Resists: 20min, 3rd Class Buffs: 5min

NPC Buffer:

buffer.png buffernpc.png

Other settings:
Auto learn skills, except Divine Inspiration (you need to get it manualy to get that extra slots)
Auto loot except Raid Bosses
Inventory slots increased to 120, 150 for Dwarfs
Weight limit increased x3

Tattoo System, 10 Tattoo's with 3 Levels each:


All Scrolls, Life Stones and Books of Giants are stackable, no more mess in your inventory:


Any Trainer can enchant your Skills and any Master/Magister can add/change your Subclass


master1.png master2.png


Skills Manager:

skills.png enchantnpc.png

Mana Potions, regenerates 250 mana over 10 seconds:


Anti Buff Shield:


Command .exp turns off gaining EXP, type .exp again to disable the blockade:


You can enter Catacombs and Necropolies at any time, teleports are in Global Gatekeeper
Raid Boss status NPC:

bossinfo.png bossnpc.png

Vote System with rewards - you can exchange Vote Coins for Accessories
Offline Shop
Pc Bang Points - you can exchange them for Accessories

Stackable Classes System (1+1):
You can add Stackable Class (1+1) to Main class or Subclass
You can add only 1 Stackable Class
You can have 3 Subclasses
If you want Stack on Main Class, you can add only Class from the same race (Olympiad allowed)
If you want Stack on Subclass, so called "Mutant", you can add ANY class, you have full choice:
You can add OL, Maestro, you can even mix two tanks together, it's your choice!
But, you can't mix Elf with Dark Elf on "Mutant" Class
To add Stackable Class you need Red Energy Stone redstone.png (from Quest - to kill Raid Boss, or you can farm it)
Red Energy Stone is not tradeable
There is a chance that Raid Boss will drop an additional Blue Energy Stone bluestone.png which you can trade
Once you add Stackable Class, you can't remove it

Skills changes:
Weapon and Armor Masteries are not stackable, you use Mastery from active Class
Fist Fury and Totems have added different effect power on other weapons
Angelic Icon and Zealot can’t be used in the same time
Angelic Icon have different effect powers, depends on Armor type
UD, UE and Vengeance have different effect powers, depends on Armor type
Dash and Blinding Blow have different effect powers, depends on Armor type
Recharge can be used on self, but with lesser effect
Resistance Buffs has been slightly decreased
Steal Essence have added element type: Earth

Cleanse can be used on Party member only
And many other skills, details about changes to the skills you can find in our Forums
Skills can be enchanted to max +15


Clan & Alliance:
Your Clan is level 8 after creation
Academy, Royal Knights and Royal Guards are disabled
Clan Reputation is disabled
Clan Skills - you need only Eggs to learn
Max members: 50
Max Clans in the Alliance: 1


Starting Package:
Every new character gets Starting Package starting.png with:
Top No-Grade items
Soulshots/Blessed Spiritshots
Scrolls of Escape
Scrolls of Resurrection

Class Master:

class1.png class2.png classnpc.png
1st and 2nd Class changes are for free
1st and 2nd Class change gives you Coupons to exchange them for D-Grade and C-Grade items
3rd Class change costs 75.000.000 Adena and 500 Carrots carrot.png, you also receive 1x Book of Giants

Coupons Trader:

coupons.png couponsnpc.png


shop.png shopnpc.png
You can buy items up to B-Grade
All consumables are available in the Shop
Tattoos lvl 1 in the Shop
Chaotic Trader sells more advanced gear:

chaotic.png chaoticnpc.png

He will sell more content added with future Updates/Expansions

Eco System:
What is it? It's an Market optimization
It includes Adena and materials drop chances/amounts
You can exchange one material for another
You can exchange Seal Stones for Ancient Adena in Shop at any time
You can exchange Stakato Fangs at any time
You can buy Mammon's items at any time
It includes Gold Bar system, 1 Gold Bar = 500.000.000 Adena
Champion's Coin champion.png is a part of it, you can get them from Champion Mobs



Period: 1 week

You can play only Non Class based games

Tattoo's are disabled in Olympiad


Chaotic Dungeons:
End game content, for full party only
Don't even think to go there alone
You have to get keys to be able to teleport to the Boss Room
Debuffs and negative effects are affecting players inside the Dungeon
You can farm there the most valuable Mats and Ingredients

Epic Jewelry:
Every Epic Jewelry have resistance effects decreased by 50%
Ring of Core, Earring of Orfen and Frintezza's Necklace have 2 more versions:
Enhanced and Refined:


Accessories and Cosmetics:
Accessories from higher Chronicles are added to our Server
Accessories you can get from the Shop, Events, Votes or Donation
Except Striders, we have 12 other Mounts to ride
Costumes are also available 



You can buy Chimera Coins chimera.png only

You CAN'T buy Armors, Weapons or Enchants, Adena or Level - never, forever

You can exchange Chimera Coins at Npc for:

Premium Account for 1, 7 or 30 days (+50% EXP/SP/Adena and +35% Drop/Spoil)
Life Stones

Clan Eggs





Long term Server's plans:

To not overwhelm players with all our features at once - we have planned "Expansions"

These expansions/updates will come online within months after official start

They contains Chimera Armors, Dungeons, New Epic Bosses and much more.


Server Status:

We are finishing the Closed Beta phase. Thanks to all participants - you deserved promised rewards for your effort.

Open Beta will launch soon so stay tuned! Join to see if our Server fits your expectations.

Don't be shy and join our Forums, introduce yourself, find some friends or Clans to play with and answer in our polls!



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Hello Hellish,

Your project looks amazing!
I'm glad you brought back a bit of memories from my teenage years, stack-subs are uncommon now a days and I'm sure it will bring a few people back as well.


Thank you for this project.

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Finally some good looking and promising project with 1+1. I love stacksubs and GOD, THIS ONE LOOKS GREAT!!
Im really looking forward to it, wish you good luck and i hope to see you in beta!

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Topic Cleaned good luck Hellish with your server mate seems interesting.

Edited by Celestine
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i have question about beta registration, i want to join beta with my clan 30+ people, do we have to register separately or i can send you pm with list?

Edited by PornoMastah

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4 hours ago, PornoMastah said:

i have question about beta registration, i want to join beta with my clan 30+ people, do we have to register separately or i can send you pm with list?


You have to register separately, because we are sending back invitations by email system.

Edited by Hellish 

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48 minutes ago, PornoMastah said:

Thx for fast respond :D I have one more question is there any slot limit on beta ?


There is no limit, but because of high number of registered people, we will divide them for groups.

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13 hours ago, Apathy said:

Btw, please consider creating a Discord channel, it will make BETA feedback way better.


We have. All beta participants will get early access to our Discord.

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2 hours ago, Nasif said:

when g.o?


The counter is on the website. 


Also, you can read about present and future content in THIS topic on our Forums.



Soon we will close the registration for the Beta because we already have much much more requests than we expected.

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