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Evening Ladies, Gentleman - I got a fella here, who got really neat skills. Since beginning of March He's working on CMS system for us (Yes there are other CMS systems like Demort, however  I'm not recommending Demort system to anyone, I wish not to go into details, but to keep it short: Security, Trust, incomplete development and lack of customer service). I personally wanted to have a CMS system on forum based, which he did deliver & still working on it. Anyway idea behind this topic is, If there are anyone else out there who have CMS system issues for L2OFF (mostly) should work on Java as well  - Would you be interested to have his CMS on monthly/one time purchase? After he finishes his work, I want to support him with his cms system, without taking any credit.

Supports: (AdvExt64, Vangath and other projects)


- In-game Raid spawn announcer directly to forum (with delay)
- Item / Monster Database lookup
- Forum profile connected to ingame statistics (Selective)
- Forum Account = Master Account, which uses to create game accounts
- Auto Donations (For now supports IP.Board payment methods, like PayPal etc, I'm confident that when he got more time, he can make it work with G2A payment)
- Player Live Map
- Announcers like: Clan A Started Clan War with Clan B
- Reset Character
- Auction House (Forum Based Trading) <-- I know it's possible, but it's something I want to take a look at the end of April, I found certain SQL Tables for that
- Top Clans
- Forum Activity Converter to points --> Points for Store
- Referral system

- Over View of ingame users on forums

- Ban Hammer Options

- Bot Report Statistics Ingame to Forums (Atleast for AdvExt64)



If you are interested in such fella, for now PM me ( i'll send you his details, until he gives me green light to advertise him ).






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Looks awesome!!!


Just let’s us know when this CMS is done, I would be interested to buy it 100%


good job!!

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