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aVVe reputation abuse


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Avve simply give -1 reputation for any post no matter what. Simply from +6 reputation im down to +1 and 80% of my comments were not even responding to him . I don't care for the reputation since it's useless. 

Most of users have 200 reputation and they just leech russian shit. But this homo erectus lately got multiple reports for delaying up to 3 months the client's work and then all of sudden when a client open a report

3-4 days later he appear with exquse of ex girlfriend e.t.c


Only in top 5 pages there are 4 reports of him . Now he also abuse reputation or whatever this mean.






If even now he dont get any punish after all this then next time someone scam in buy section give him 4-5 chances as you did with aVVe to be fair. 


Oh. ps avve don't bother write or answer i wont even check this topic again.

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You provoked this - 1, I would do the same. Act like an adult, not like a kid, problem solved. Too much access in you lately.

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