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WTS Source Files L2PvPZone-L2Ketra


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Hi,im selling L2PvPZone.org-L2Ketra files with sources.Files are based on a high rate server including custom items

[Ready to Open Pack]

3 Type of armors: Dynasty-Titanium-Epic [SAME STATS]

3 Type of weapons: Dynasty-Icarus-Epic [SAME STATS]

Tattoo's: Many of them with different stats

Accessories +300 pdef-mdef

Blessed Jewels

Unique Tattoo's

Limited Boss jewels [4 HOURS DURATION] Obtainable with farm coins + Normal Epic jewels 


Olympiad working as it should,no bugs exist

.donate system

.menu function




Ready Farm areas

Ready Configurable PvP Zones [AUTO FLAG ON ENTER] Changing every X hours


Thats not the full features of the files,just few of basics.

You can search on Google-Youtube for videos regarding the server

For more informations contact me here or at skype: Saruman210

Price: 30e

Payment: Paypal.


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Hi, im doofy dev from l2pvpzone, this is my old source acis base, there have some cheats working (new dupe items and cumulative skills) I fixed it recently, tournament event is not working well and not finished. I do not recommend buying this rev. 

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12 hours ago, Saruman said:

because of your retardness ;)

yes i am so retarded that it will attract people into buying your junk

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