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[HELP] L2UI_CH3 and stuff...


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I have recently tried to edit, L2UI_CH3 by decrypting it and taking out one image from it to edit it, and put it back, but now i am experiencing critical errors while attempting to run the game [INTERLUDE]

.Since i edited the image, i named it the same way as the original, save it as TGA format, and imported it in the L2UI_CH3, when i also deleted the original.

But now, everytime i run the game with the newly edited L2UI_CH3, my game crash with a critical error. After i had a research on internet, most of people said that u can't rly encrypt official utx, so you have to make new one. Thats fine, but since its not a weapon or whatever, how am i supposed to tell the client where to choose for my newly edited texture? I have edited inventory_back image from L2UI_CH3, and i need help to make it work.  (there's the image i edited)


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9 hours ago, Celestine said:

you both are using old xdat editor versions use Portable.

Yes. Everything works perfect with the portable version of xdat editor [Download Here].

Also, thank you for the advice about interface.xdat , It worked perfect and now i have my textures just as i want them. Time to advance to the next step.

Thank you all, for helping me through this!

inventoryback.png.817fcc462a9db0142164d7107b1c5528.png      inventoryback2.png.621a8c166354f310fab130b5a1e9e518.png

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