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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_mfe2SgnYB1FClvbNGWZvQ/videos hes have few videos, gl
  2. function isHaveBuff(BuffArray : array of cardinal) : boolean; var i:integer; buff : tl2buff; begin result := true; for i := 0 to high(BuffArray) do begin if not user.buffs.byid(BuffArray[i], buff) then begin result := false; exit; end; end; end; function getItem(id : cardinal) : tl2item; var item : tl2item; begin inventory.user.byid(id, item); result := item; end; var item : tl2item; ItemID_1, ItemID_2 : cardinal; begin ItemID_1 := 7577; ItemID_2 := 6608; while delay(555) do begin if not isHaveBuff([1040, 1068]) then begin if (getItem(ItemID_1) <> nil) and (not getItem(ItemID_1).equipped) then begin engine.useItem(ItemID_1); end; end else begin if (getItem(ItemID_2) <> nil) and (not getItem(ItemID_2).equipped) then begin engine.useItem(ItemID_2); end; end; end; end. should do job
  3. take xdat editor and do it by urself.... seems u know that is only on xdat based, so, i believe that u know what edit, lul
  4. who care what retarded ppl write in comments, virus in interface.u is not possible
  5. if guy playing interlude only, i dont think if it be released for h5 xd
  6. virus in interface.u? is that really possible ? xd
  7. old interfaceAI shared probably all over the palce xd take assist from there
  8. function OnShow() { Class'UIAPI_WINDOW'.static.SetFocus("Wnd"); } just guessing