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  1. you should check rawr.pro there is examples how create missing functions with packets, by krickt
  2. hmm i not sure, that seems just detecting when someone join to party, maybe i missing something, for now i dont have solution for that
  3. if good understand, with this u can see when someone join to party procedure OnAction(Action: TL2Action; P1, P2: Pointer); begin if action = laCharJoin then begin // code end; end; begin delay(-1); end.
  4. var i : integer; mob : tl2npc; begin for i:= 0 to npclist.count -1 do begin mob := npclist(i); if (mob.atkoid = user.oid) and (not mob.dead) then begin print(mob.name); end; end; end. seems you can check by "atkOID"
  5. https://adrenalinebot.com/en/api/adrenaline/Classes/TL2Control#NpcTrade
  6. bullshit, it doesnt matter if key in use or not, when u run bot with key(even it be in use), it gonna ask for bind on new hwid, then bot closes, run second time, and good to go, in this case key gave error because it was expired/wrong key
  7. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_mfe2SgnYB1FClvbNGWZvQ/videos hes have few videos, gl
  8. function isHaveBuff(BuffArray : array of cardinal) : boolean; var i:integer; buff : tl2buff; begin result := true; for i := 0 to high(BuffArray) do begin if not user.buffs.byid(BuffArray[i], buff) then begin result := false; exit; end; end; end; function getItem(id : cardinal) : tl2item; var item : tl2item; begin inventory.user.byid(id, item); result := item; end; var item : tl2item; ItemID_1, ItemID_2 : cardinal; begin ItemID_1 := 7577; ItemID_2 := 6608; while delay(555) do begin if not isHaveBuff([1040, 1068]) then begin if (getItem(ItemID_1) <> nil) and (not getItem(ItemID_1).equipped) then begin engine.useItem(ItemID_1); end; end else begin if (getItem(ItemID_2) <> nil) and (not getItem(ItemID_2).equipped) then begin engine.useItem(ItemID_2); end; end; end; end. should do job
  9. take xdat editor and do it by urself.... seems u know that is only on xdat based, so, i believe that u know what edit, lul