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  1. i get ban for no reason while do strider quest :((( xd
  2. or maybe try contact with developer? since its private i dont think if someone gonna risk and give u account from there
  3. in screenshot "android" is green, that means bot not gonna inject to l2
  4. that actually help to get bypass from current dialog of engine.cbtext
  5. yeah, well there is example for dialogs, but can be modified for alt b too, https://adrenalinebot.com/en/api/example/work-with-dynamic-bypasses-parsing-regular-expressions good luck
  6. 1. its 1.71 xd 2. none care, because it work on empty servers probably xd
  7. i dont know any command, and not sure if there is command to do that, but you can do it with packets
  8. 2+ years buying keys from him, never had problems, recommend for sure
  9. you should check rawr.pro there is examples how create missing functions with packets, by krickt