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  1. http://www.delphibasics.co.uk/RTL.asp?Name=copy copy that value from dialog and use how u like
  2. u should ask sellers, i got nothing with adr team in any way
  3. simply u cant. since u buy ru key
  4. function keybd_event(bVk, bScan: byte; dwFlags, dwExtraInfo: integer): integer; stdcall; external 'user32.dll'; this is blocked by smart guard, try use engine.entertext('text');
  5. hmm i never see dialog like that, seems there is no bypass strings xd
  6. 1. u should use items by oid 2. as example u can use engine.waitaction([ladlg], p1,p2) and then check engine.dlgtext example with command "pos" 3. no idea 4. i think this should work procedure doSoe(); begin // stuff for soe end; var qwe:boolean; begin qwe := false; if user.inrange(x,y,z,r) then begin engine.moveto(x,y,z); end; if user.inrange(x,y,z,r) then // at end point qwe := true; if not qwe then dosoe; end. 5. no idea also
  7. procedure OnPacket(ID, ID2: Cardinal; Data: Pointer; Size: Word); begin print(ID); print(MemToHex(Data^, Size)); end; begin delay(-1); end. this receive packets from server to client if i not wrong, "OnCliPacket" from client to server to send packet engine.sendtoserver(''); engine.sendtoclient(''); why ur script is stopping i have no idea
  8. its captcha in tutorial window, not sure if there is api for tutorial window, but with packets should work fine
  9. looks like regular dialog, u can use in bot events