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  1. well i mean to read to see idea how it getting read, and not actually use it. anyways to read string (probably, should actually test), i cant tell "Position" number because ur server positions seems odd to me. String(PChar(Cardinal(p2) + Position))
  2. i would recommend read this https://adrenalinebot.com/en/api/example/packetunit-ready-unit-working-packets-adrenaline-bot because how u read seems not right. p2 should contain (in my case MessageID), Size, Type, and values by Type. thats why i dont have answer for ur question in this case, because ur system message data seems odd to me xd ps. u always can use move and check if u moved.
  3. thats interesting, anyways as long as it works then good, gl!
  4. np, but it is really correct values? for example when tested (interlude) PCardinal(Cardinal(p2))^ gave me system message ID. https://prnt.sc/11c67l2
  5. uses SysUtils; var p1, p2: Pointer; Match, Win, Loss, Points: Cardinal; begin while true do begin if Engine.WaitAction([laSysMsg], p1, p2) = laSysMsg then begin if Cardinal(p1) = 1673 then begin Match := PCardinal(Cardinal(p2) + 12)^; Win := PCardinal(Cardinal(p2) + 20)^; Loss := PCardinal(Cardinal(p2) + 28)^; Points := PCardinal(Cardinal(p2) + 36)^; print(format('Match: %d; Win: %d; Loss: %d; Points: %d', [Match, Win, Loss, Points])); end; end; end; end.
  6. https://adrenalinebot.com/en/api/adrenaline/Classes/TL2Control#AuthLogin for enter login/passw if server have protection most likely winapi keyclicks doesnt work, then you can try use "Engine.UseKey" https://adrenalinebot.com/en/api/adrenaline/Classes/TL2Control#UseKey for disconnect, well if u get disconnect while u trying log in, then at very end of login , u can do check for if u are online, if not close client, and login again. if u get disconnect while playing, and bot not shows that u are diconnected, u can try do thread procedure, which would check if u moved/get some specif
  7. if user.inrange(123, 123, 123, 500) then begin engine.moveto(123, 123, 123); end; u dont need have each exact spawn location, u can cover town with inrange check. 500 is radius around XYZ, gl!
  8. https://adrenalinebot.com/en/api/example/more-about-enginebypasstoserver
  9. u need check events tab, there is "item", select it and u see everything else there
  10. ED=ConfirmDlg:d(requestID)d(d)d(d)s(name)d(d)d(d) probably this one
  11. wait what, last time i checked, i wasnt banned xd about bad businness, i not even selling scripts, but if i want i could bypass that joke captcha which he use xd i not even talk about him antibot, aka "zeus guard, best server protection", which was bypassed by guy who have 0 knowledge in c#, and other debug bullshit xd
  12. not sure if i understand good, but color, example in screenshot https://prnt.sc/p6dq6w can be changed in "Interface.u > ChatWnd" in "function HandleChatmessage( String param )", chronicle interlude