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  1. https://adrenalinebot.com/en/api/example/more-about-enginebypasstoserver
  2. u need check events tab, there is "item", select it and u see everything else there
  3. ED=ConfirmDlg:d(requestID)d(d)d(d)s(name)d(d)d(d) probably this one
  4. wait what, last time i checked, i wasnt banned xd about bad businness, i not even selling scripts, but if i want i could bypass that joke captcha which he use xd i not even talk about him antibot, aka "zeus guard, best server protection", which was bypassed by guy who have 0 knowledge in c#, and other debug bullshit xd
  5. not sure if i understand good, but color, example in screenshot https://prnt.sc/p6dq6w can be changed in "Interface.u > ChatWnd" in "function HandleChatmessage( String param )", chronicle interlude
  6. ur alarm makes no sense, u need chose if u doing one script for all windows, or only for single window, now is half with get control, half with engine (current control)
  7. function AggroCheck():boolean; var i : integer; begin result := false; if npclist.count = 0 then exit; for i := 0 to npclist.count -1 do begin if (npclist(i).target = user) or (npclist(i).atkoid = user.oid) then begin result := true; exit; end; end; end;
  8. yes drop rates for sure not correct, although its same not correct as old drop spoil
  9. no it is full client sided Spoil.ini too
  10. i said which files is needed, it is interface mod to show drop/spoil, not like old drop/spoil which you mentioned before
  11. Interface.u, Interface.xdat and i believe should be some text files where data is stored