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  1. procedure OnPacket(ID, ID2: Cardinal; Data: Pointer; Size: Word); begin print(ID); print(MemToHex(Data^, Size)); end; begin delay(-1); end. this receive packets from server to client if i not wrong, "OnCliPacket" from client to server to send packet engine.sendtoserver(''); engine.sendtoclient(''); why ur script is stopping i have no idea
  2. its captcha in tutorial window, not sure if there is api for tutorial window, but with packets should work fine
  3. looks like regular dialog, u can use in bot events
  4. seems its interface, well u can add there ur custom "shortcut", like "OpenMyWindow", and in shortcut.uc > function HandleShortcutCommand( String a_Param ) { local String Command; if( ParseString( a_Param, "Command", Command ) ) { switch( Command ) { case "OpenMyWindow": if ( IsShowWindow("WhatEverWindow") ) { HideWindow(WhatEverWindow); } else { ShowWindow(WhatEverWindow); } break; } } atleast like this for interlude, gl!
  5. if interface is not encrypted then u can edit it
  6. by default interlude doesnt have this as i know, to have this i believe need server+interface modifications, so as one guy said before, u cant do that on all servers
  7. const Captcha_Str = 'Bot'; var P1, P2 : pointer; Action: TL2Action; Actor: TL2Live; function SetForegroundWindow(hwnd: integer) : Boolean; stdcall; external 'user32.dll'; begin while Engine.Status = lsOnline do begin Action:=Engine.WaitAction([laDlg], P1, P2); if Action = ladlg then begin if Pos(Captcha_Str, Engine.DlgText) <> 0 then begin SetForegroundWindow(Engine.GameWindow); PlaySound(exepath+'\sounds\'+'PlayerAlarm'+'.wav'); Print('Captcha!'); Delay(2000); end; end; end; Delay(200); end. should work
  8. print(engine.dlgtext); take dialog, take bypass string from dialog, and use with engine.bypasstoserver('string');
  9. edit interace.u > AbnormalStatusWnd.uc > Info.Size =16 , to what ever buff size u like, how to decompile/compile u can check youtube video by virus, sorry dont have link, gl