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  1. i just compiled there, nothing more, in this Interface.u i removed that "text in chat", all other bugs (if there is any) dont ask i do not fix it, because lack of knowledge, gl
  2. indeed, i answer ur question, and give link with info, but no this guy need more, ROFL xd
  3. that means, i not sell, and not make free scripts, rofl, at the end of the day why someone should waste time even for 3lines of code
  4. if u think that i make scripts for others then u are totally wrong xd you have what u need in that link if u want free script, then think and make on ur own, or find who can sell/make it to u, i do none of those, gl!
  5. https://forum.lineage2bot.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3046 last post from IvaniuS
  6. 1. u can accept ress in bot settings 2. u just loop confirm dialog, without delay, and any checks
  7. all those links safe to buy
  8. begin while delay(555) do begin if chatmessage.unread and (pos('test',chatmessage.text) > 0) then begin // do stuff end; end; end.