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  1. Thanks for reply. This is actually what I was trying to do, but many times my char is just getting stuck in strange corners. On another note, another question none related. I found a script you posted back in the day wit auto re-login (below). For the most part it works, but the server I'm playing in has auto daily restarted but like 60 sec or so. when it happen the l2 window get disconnected popup and the script is just not doing any thing. I was trying to find a way for it to click enter when its detected, but nothing I did work. Could you help with that , or perhaps t
  2. Come on, no a single answer ? there must be a place with the spawn point right ? I mean i can spend hours and just recall to the city over and over and making it, but it seems such a pain the ass.
  3. Hello, Im making a custom script for my self, plan is for a fairly large one, including login check, buff, path to farm zone from multiple cities etc... The only thing im truly having problems with is the spawn locations in the towns. Goddard was very easy to find as most of the examples use it, however i noticed that not all spawn point are there and for some of the spawn point the char is just getting stuck when trying to get up on the stairs. So does any one know where i can get the right and full spawn list ? (preferably for all the big cites, goddard, ad
  4. Any way to make it work for the cracked version (1.71) ? Getting this error : (12) Type of expression must be Boolean. Any ideas how to solve it ?
  5. seems nice over all but whats the deal with all the spanish or w/e ? try in english....
  6. give it a try , iam sure you`ll like it :)
  7. well server is stable and has 50+ online most of the time. Had some issues but every thing work great now. Join us !
  8. Server is officaly open , 30 min since launch 50+ online !
  9. 2 hours until the Grand Opening !
  10. Attention : Server will be online in 2 HOURS ! @ hours until Grand Opening !