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Problem With Custom Login Logo

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Hi to all im trying to make a custom login logo on c4 client 

This one 



Well i follow this steps

1-Get L2font-e.utx from systemtextures folder 

2-Open L2Toll and export the image that i want to edit ,in this case the name its Skins.start_logo-e

3-Open the Skins.start_logo-e with Phothoshop (previously installed photoshop pluggins for support dds files) 

4- Proced to use my own custom logo on the file 



5-Save it as .dds file with this config


5-Now this its the saved file



The problems its i keep seeing the Lineage ][ logo instead of my own custom logo ,wheare i failed ?

(PS: i also tried to delete the other cap (original one) but when i try to use it on a l2font-e.utx crypted it crash every time when i try to start the game)



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