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Hello , i would like to ask all of you people.


What is the best atm for your opinion No Custom Interlude Server or with custom items?


I know the must things its to have balance but to have an idea.

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In my opinion, the best idea is: start server w/o customs, and 2-3 weeks later add custom armors (it may have the same stats as S grade or custom armor +0 = S grade +6). It may increase your server livetime.


Good luck

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Just dynasty items sound great to me. Also not farm for 2h and be max...let players farm maybe a week or 2 in order to get max equipment

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Dude! be innovative ... think good things to do what would be good for your server... ask your self why people stop playing a server after some time.. what is missing? armors is one thing... but i am sure u can think of new things to make the players experience better... dont over do it nor leave it as it is... 


Play with ideas ask your players if one thing is good ... dont be afraid to be creative... you might thing of a great thing that l2 is missing :P 

Good luck on your project :) Best regards.

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