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Loading Animation

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I looked and looked but could not find it so i will ask you guys.


i want to change the loading animation that you see on the bottom of the loading screen



that little fucker


BUT i cant replace the files with l2tool coz the dimensions are different

the loading animation is 128x23 ( i saw some custom interfaces that have it edited and they all have that size ) i want to use images that are 90x90.

so the question is: does anyone know in what file the texture is assigned to the loading thingy so i use my own path?


does anyone know how to change the "default" size of the loading image so it accepts my new images in the file.

Thank you!

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Or so i thought...
well i realized i need to change the size of my image to 128x128

the problem now is that when i try to replace the image in the utx with l2tool it DOESNT put it in, doesnt replace it,

i tried decrypt the utx with elfocrach then decrypt it with l2tool and then open it with Ueditor and manualy import the new images give them the names of the old ones and delete the old ones from the utx, then encrypt the utx with elfocrash again but that fucked up the whole client ^_^

any idea how to replace the Loading files in L2UI_CT1.utx??

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