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Lineage ][ Lude 35x

Platform L2OFF Official Files



Grand Opening 27-08.


• Server platform: L2OFF - Official files.
• Change Classe: 1º, 2º is Free 3º 10kk Adena.
• Sub-Class: Quest Retail or Buyable.
• Noblesse: Quest Retail or Buyable.
• Donates - With automatic delivery system.
• No donate for [A-S] Grade Items.
• No donate for any Enchants.
• The rent of Clan Halls was increased.
• Geodata Oficial 100% Working.
• All Grand Masters in center of Giran.
• All Siege register in center of Giran.
• Offline Shop (120hs).
• Max 4 Offline Shop per IP.
• Max 5 Client per PC.
• Auto Learn Skills.
• Mana Potion (Restore 750MP - Reuse Delay: 7s).
• Auto Loot - Automatic pick up (except raid's drops).
• Anti-Bot (Smart-Guard).
• Anti Buffs Skill.
• Augment Skill Working.
• No Custom Items.
• Weapons without SA for sale.
• Shop [C-B] Grade on sale for Adena.
• (A-S) Grade Craft Retail Like.
• No Herbs System.
• Seven Signs Retail - 1 Week Period and 1 Week Mammons.
• Merchant of Mammom and Blacksmith of Mammon in (The Heart of Antharas' Lair) always on.
• BindHwid system .bindhwid (Allow only a COMPUTER get access for your account).
• Infinity Arrows and Soulshots.


• Experience (EXP/SP): 35x
• Adena: 35x
• Party Exp: 2x
• Drop Items: 15x
• Spoil Items: 15x
• Seal Stone: 10x
• Quest: 1x
• Raid Boss: 1x
• Grand Boss: 1x

Improved Quests

• The Zero Hour: x5 amount.
• Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force: x5 amount.
• Relics of the Old Empire: x5 amount.
• War with Varka: x5 amount.
• War with Ketra: x5 amount.
• Alliance with Varka Silenos: x5 amount.
• Alliance with Ketra Orcs: x5 amount.

Epic Boss Spawn

• Retail Drop.
• All Epic Boss are Retail Level.
• All Epic Boss will start dead.
• Valakas: 264h +- 3h
• Frintezza: 48h +- 3h
• Antharas: 264h +- 3h
• Baium: 168h +- 3h
• Sailren: 36h +- 3h
• Zaken: 60h +- 3h
• Core: 60h +- 3h
• Orfen: 48h +- 3h
• Queen Ant: 36h +- 3h

(Subclass) Boss Spawn

• Shilen's Messenger Cabrio: 4h -+30m
• Death Lord Hallate: 4h -+30m
• Kernon: 4h -+30m
• Longhorn Golkonda: 4h -+30m

(Nobless) Boss Spawn

• Flame Of Splendor Barakiel: 6h -+30m

All Normal Raid Boss Spawn

• Normal Raid Boss: 36h -+3h

Grand Olympiad

• New periods on each 30 days.
• Olympiad Time 20:00 ~ 23:59 every day.
• Allows to register only 1 character by computer.
• Best Anti Feeding System.
• +6 Limit enchant.
• Only A Grade allowed.
• Olympiad will go start in 01.10.2016


• Buff Slots: 20 + 4 (Learn with Divine Inspiration).
• Buffs will return after receive cancel in 30 seconds.
• Npc Buff time: 2h
• Aio Buff time: 2h
• Aio Buff only in party.
• Cat and Uni Buff time: Retail Time.


• Safe +4
• Max Weapon: +10
• Max Armor/Jewels: +8
• Scroll Enchant Retail for drop.
• Rate Enchant 50% (Normal and Blessed).


• 2 castles available (Giran - Aden).
• Siege takes place in a single time and day.
• First siege day in 17.10.2016 20:00 GMT -3.
• Register to siege can be made in Giran!


1. Raid Boss Special into Coliseum.
1.1 Chaotic Zone.
1.2 Lvl 76+ Required for join into arena.
1.3 Special Drop: 3x Ticket of Gods.
1.4 Respawn Time: 6h.

Restriction Zones and Chaotic Zones.

• [baium] Outside the Room - Chaotic Zone.
• [Queen Ant] Inside the Cave - Chaotic Zone.
• [Queen Ant] Outside of Cave - Max level can join -> 45 <-
• [Orfen] Outside - Max level can join -> 55 <-
• [Core] Outside - Max level can join -> 55 <-
• [Zaken] Outside - Max level can join -> 65 <-
• [Antharas] Neutral Zone.
• [Valakas] Neutral Zone.
• [Frintezza] Neutral Zone.


...and much more.


We'll be waiting for you!


skype: skyl2lude

email: support@l2lude.com



Learn a little more about our server in the following images:


The NPC Aio Maker

where you can transform any character into a super character with all buffs skills of other characters.




The NPC Misc Shop
In this store you can buy various items needed for you to get progress in the game.




The NPC Global Gatekeeper

A full npc teleport you to choose where to go.




The NPC Class Change

In this NPC you can make class changes if you want you can also enter subclass and nobless by donation.




The NPC Buff #01
In this NPC you will receive competencies for your character become stronger in the game.
The NPC Buff #02
In this NPC you will receive competencies for your character become stronger in the game.
Special Raid Boss
We put this raid boss in the Coliseum to offer a great fight between everyone within the game, your reward is very valuable, only the strong can enter the arena.



Aio Buff
This is a character AIO Buff on our server.
Offline Shop
See how is a character with offline store on this server.

Secret Merchant of Mammon and Blacksmith of Mammon
These NPCs are in the heart of Antharas lair and are permanent.

Grand Master in Giran
The class change will be much faster with all NPCs around!



Siege Register

Make your register in sieges has never been easier!
Now that you know a little more about our server come join!
(C6) 35x L2OFF

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Good luck today. How can i contact administrator of server,i can't see a form to contact you. Is there a skype support or a chat in the website?. We want to make some questions.If you can send me your skype inbox.thnx and gl today l2lude.

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