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  1. Lineage ][ Lude 35x Platform L2OFF Official Files www.l2lude.com www.l2lude.com/forum Grand Opening 27-08. Description • Server platform: L2OFF - Official files. • Change Classe: 1º, 2º is Free 3º 10kk Adena. • Sub-Class: Quest Retail or Buyable. • Noblesse: Quest Retail or Buyable. • Donates - With automatic delivery system. • No donate for [A-S] Grade Items. • No donate for any Enchants. • The rent of Clan Halls was increased. • Geodata Oficial 100% Working. • All Grand Masters in center of Giran. • All Siege register in center of Giran. • Offline Shop (120hs). • Max 4 Offline S
  2. 201 rev! :D hey team make the command //tvt work on game. thanks for this good rev.. ..is the best! sorry for i reported here this problem. and for my bad english. ;)
  3. thx for open this project again now working every days! go go equal
  4. please make a official compilation of last rev my eclipse not work more. ;S
  5. Hi guys, I am here to inform you that after having made the last update to rev. 341 the character fight not attack more any mobs in distance; please only fix it. because in rev. 340 not have this problem; but this rev. 340 quests do not work. have 1 problem fixed and another pops up.
  6. how make the correct compilation this pack? i dont understand this, because i make here a compilation of this pack and no attack the mobs in distance. and in this compilation have normal attack at mobs. --> http://www.failai.lt/q545h84vopdr/Equal_rev_340_full_pack.rar.htm sry for my bad english.
  7. i know.. because after compiled. is only make del in this folder --> data/Jscript