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Create A Splash In Photoshop ◄√I®Us►

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True, virus is known for the most ugly design in the history of design, intro, photoshop skills, music, quality, the tutorial itself.. He just know how to edit client

So suggest u avoid any contact with photoshop. Take a ready image or splash screen and just show the part on how u encryp it, everything else you do is pain for eyes.


And also change this intro and this music..


sure i try accept it that is a tutorial but is all wrong.. 50 min to make something that takes 5 and all the things u do is wrong.. i feel u do it more for the reputation than to show

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Hmh, it's not really L2 related, but okay.. Since you shared the work, may it be :P

Don't spam again, you're just jealous that u cant do this perfect photoshop ;( 

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