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Hey fellow l2 vets.


We are Sold out. Thanks to everyone we had deals, and keep enjoying Skelth.





Add me on Skype if ur interessted.


Skype : L24life


For safety add me by using the green button below.





Already Sold:

Bounty Hunter lv 55 = 30eu(sold)

Warlord lv 52 = 15 eu(sold)

Dark Avenger 73,10% = 140eu(sold)

Elven Elder lv 52 = 30eu(sold)

Doomcryer lv 77,54% = 750eu(sold)

Cardinal lv 77,53% = 500eu(sold)

Spectraldancer lv 77,28% = 500eu(sold)

Elvenelder lv 74,33% = 250eu(sold)

Swordsinger lv 55 = 50 eu(sold)

Titan lv 78,72% = 750eu(sold)

Warsmith 70 = 150eu(sold)

Berserker Blade +10 = 250 eu(Sold)

Cloth Piece  = 250 eu(Sold)

30%  Rice Cakes  = 0.55 eu/piece(sold)

Warcryer lv 64(Sold)

Swordsinger lv 64(Sold)

Elvenelder lv 63(Sold)

Shielensaint lv 76(Sold)

Hierophant lv 77(sold)

Bountyhunter lv 69(Sold)

Swordmuse lv 77(Sold)

Spectralmaster lv 76,60% = (Sold)

Siegel Rune lv 10  = 25 eu(sold

Aoere Rune lv 10  = 20eu(sold)

Sealed runes   = 0,12 eu/rune(sold)

Nightmare Heavy set  = 60 eu(sold)

45%  Exp scrolls   = 0.55 eu/scroll(sold)

20%  Rice Cakes  = 0.35 eu/piece(sold)

Siegel Super lv 12 = 160 eu(sold)

Othell Rune lv 7  = 20 eu(sold)

Doom Heavy Set +6 = 300 eu(Sold)

Dwarfen Hammer +10 =  225 eu(Sold)

Majectic set(h-l-r)  = 140 eu(sold)

Dwarfen Hammer +9 = 160 eu (Sold)

Berserker Blade +9 = 240 eu (Sold)

Karmian Set +6 = 65 eu(Sold)

Dark crystal robe set  = 75 eu(Sold)

Tallum Heavy set   = 75 eu(sold)

Dwarfen Hammer +10 =  225 eu(Sold)

Energy of isolence  = 1.20   eu/piece(sold)

Majestic Jewelery Set  = 70 eu(Sold)

Majestic Jewelery Set +4  = 150 eu(Sold)

Yul Rune 11 = 50 eu(sold)

Othell Rune lv 8  = 40 eu(sold)

EAB   = 0.55 eu/scroll(sold)

Prophet lv 54 =60eu(sold)

Bladedancer lv 58 = 50 eu(sold)




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