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  1. Add me on skype: genoud.chris@gmail.com AQ lvl 3: 700 euros Core lvl 3: 900 euros Orfen lvl 3: 1200 euros Those are my final prices. We can use banking transfer (less fees than bullshit paypal) or paypal. If you need people to vouch for me write me on skype I'll have several people on Skelth or GK vouch for me.
  2. Trusted, fast, everything went smooth, thanks for the goods and good luck :)
  3. Trusted bought BD + adena, safe fast and secure!
  4. Any info? Tomorrow it will have been 10 days without answer. Guess it's time to do something?
  5. Trustworthy, very fast, everything went smooth i bought over 100kk adena.
  6. YO still looking to buy any high lvl character. pm me with your skype!
  7. Thanks, if he just went out altogether then give him 2-3 days i dont mind it.
  8. Hey Guys I've bought some adena from l2guru, he delivered half of it, and now it's been a couple days without answer and he hasn't delivered the rest of the adena. I've tried to contact him several times but he simply won't answer anymore. Maybe if admins here take it up the next step this guy will be more professional? Thanks https://imgur.com/a/YSR0ZeK https://imgur.com/a/XKouNCI https://imgur.com/a/9Vh4nAI
  9. If you're leaving already, pm me what class you have and your skype, ill write you back!