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  1. Hey, Title says it all. WTB high lvl mage / archer or dagger (pref: SPS / HE or PR / Adventurer) Must be 76+, pref. with sub and with stuff Contact me on skype: live:e8ef9819194ebcea
  2. Just Bought from him fast and clean 100% trusted
  3. Bought from him, fast and secure, 100% recommended
  4. Bought from Pufa again, as usual perfect, everything is safe and good! thanks
  5. I bought from him. Very clean fast and effecient even on christmas day! thanks
  6. Pufa just did MM for me, very very good fast and clean Very professional work. Very safe, very thorough, I highly recommend!!
  7. Very fast transaction, trusted, i recommed him 100%
  8. Up for discussion (can trade it ingame for another item, adena or straight $)
  9. WTB On new NA classic NCsoft Human cleric (or prophet) / Orc shaman (overlord)
  10. Hey Im interested in finding a driver to drive my chars. Pay by the hour. Very serious. PM me with your skype name and I'll add you. Thanks
  11. Add me on skype: genoud.chris@gmail.com AQ lvl 3: 700 euros Core lvl 3: 900 euros Orfen lvl 3: 1200 euros Those are my final prices. We can use banking transfer (less fees than bullshit paypal) or paypal. If you need people to vouch for me write me on skype I'll have several people on Skelth or GK vouch for me.
  12. Trusted, fast, everything went smooth, thanks for the goods and good luck :)