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  1. +1 from me, succesfull trade,, fast and friendly
  2. well, then i wont sell anything with paypal. do you know any other posibility that is secure except banktransfer?
  3. So nobody knows how to avoid such scams? how you trade then with paypal? even with the family and friends option you are not safe.
  4. Hi folks, i want to ask you how you avoid scams with the paypal payment? I got already scammed two times with the same trick and paypal is on the side of the scammer. Heres the trick they use. The buyer lets some friend from another country log into his paypal account and pays the bill. I hand out the items and after one day paypal transfers the money from my account because the owner of the paypal account says he got hacked and it was not him paying the bill. Paypal checks the logs and can see another IP from another country sending the money. So for me paypal is the most unsecure payi
  5. Alright folks, im here for a long time, mostly was just buying stuff. Now im leaving finnaly and forever this game since some little thing that apeared lately in my life deserves all my attention. I got some nice items that are to precious to keep on my char so ill offer you to buy it. What i got to sell is: +8 Dark Eternal Heavy Set Tauti 1h Axe [sOLD] Tauti Ring Chef Monkey Belt Queen Ant Soul Ring I can make a Package Price too. greetings
  6. where are my adena my friend? waiting for it!
  7. WTS following items on Core Server EU. Tauti 1-h Axe +8 blessed Seraph heavy Set 3X120 Queen Ant Soul Ring SOLD Ekimus Belt Frintezza Soul Necklace Octavis Ring Warrior Istina Earring clean Beleth Ring I accept only Banktransfer, no PayPal. got scammed to often with PayPal. Pm me offers. Merry Christmas!!!