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  1. You aer an ashole ? who shows the adena items on game ??? if any gm cauch me i get ban. so GTFO !!! There are no proofs, this guys are sellers and they try to make me look like a scammer but i am not. becaouse they want to sell adena only from them Some one help ,
  2. 1st of all this guys made mxc account only for me i ask them to give me feedback, they weren't mxc members , i know them from other forum and 2nd. stop trying to blame my topic , only becaouse you want to sell more adenas than me. You have already lost ^^ , im trusted and fucking more chepper than you. so get the fuck out of my topic nigga
  3. Main: Feoh Wizard Storm Screamer 99/ Dual Aeore Shilent Saint 99/Subclass Arcana lord 80/Warcryer 80 1b for 30 Euro , stock : 15kkk Premium 150 days Skills Active: Elemental Spike +10 Duel Elemental Crash +10 Duel Elemental Destruction +10 Duel Death Breath +10 Duel Death Howl +7 Duel Elemental Blast +8 Duel Elemental Storm +8 Duel Devil's Curse +10 M.def Mass Devil's Curse +7 M.Def Ignore Divinity +8 Chance Shadow Snare +5 Cost Ultimate Body To mind +5 Power MP Unleash Hell +8 Entangle Death Mass Unleash Hell +8 Entangle Wizard Spirit +10 Time Air Ride +6 Time Arcane Barrier +10 Time Dou
  4. are you an asshole? probably your m@m is scamm,why you saying shits without any proofs? motha.faka
  5. WTS Adenas for 30 euro 1 billion , in stock : 16bill WTS Items : tauti ring +4 for 400 Euros b.zaken+5 for 130 Euros .SOLD b.baium for 200 Euros Pm me for more info in forum, i accept paypal and bank transfer. Scammers do not try event to pm me.