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Guide How To Get Out Of Bronze - Silver - Gold | As A Jungler | Season 6 Jungling Guide | My Way.

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Jungling.For me , this is the most important role in the game.You have the opportunity to affect the whole gaming phase from the very beggining.What do i mean by that?
Being a smart jungler , making good decisions , is undoubtably the best way to climb the rank because you can asure your teammates some early kills , turrets , dragons or pretty
much make them suck less.




1)Over-powered junglers.
Yea , deal with it. In every patch some champs get nerfed while some others get boosted , so do not expect a balance in this game.
At the moment , sated devourer junglers are my way to go , which are the following: master-yi.pngMaster yi ,shyvana.pngShyvana, xin-zhao.pngXin Zhao, trundle.pngTrundle, jax.pngJax
2)Junglers that counter you.
For example , if you pick amumu.pngAmumu , you should know that he is weak on dueling in presix , so you might want to ban lee-sin.pnglee sin who has great dueling potentional
in early phase of the game.

Choosing Your Jungler.

Junglers are divided in 3 different types. Tanks , Damage dealers or both. Note that picking a jungler type depends on what your team needs. For example , If the enemy team
has  high poke champs you should pick a hard engage jungler , such as , sejuani.pngSejuani or amumu.pngAmumu. Also if the enemy team is full of damage dealers , you might want to
go for a high cc jungler , such as , skarner.png Skarner or vi.pngVi

List of Junglers.

  • Here is the list of tanky/cc junglers

    Dr. Mundo
    Jarvan IV



  • Here is the list of damage/tanky junglers

    Lee Sin
    Master Yi
    Xin Zhao



Early Jungling



In the lower elo, people are really struggling in jungle ( sometimes they even die). Before further explation , lets talk about starting items.




redx.gif    vDpAl.jpg   +  Jop5Y.png



qtFz.png    vDpAl.jpg   +  uAomF.pngx3



It's not wise , if you struggling through the jungle to go for tFnys.pngHunters Talisman because it gives you 150% mana regen (which is good for AP junglers) , instead of vDpAl.jpg Hunters talisman who gives you 8% life steal vs monsters which means you will better sustain in jungle.





How to Gank


This is the most important think to understand as a jungler. Ganking is all about decision making. As a jungler you dont require to have mechanic skills , but good decision making. Everything will be explainied in the following screen.


BLUE lines , if you are in the blue team.

RED lines , if you are in the red team.



The picture is in the spoiler because it too big.







Things of NOT to do.


Please , just avoid doing those things.


1)Do NOT farm on the enemy jungle without vision , your teammates near you, or if you dont know where the enemy jungler/team is

2)Do NOT dive with a squishy champion or Do NOT dive if your are not sure that your able to take those kills or if they are even worth it.

3)Do NOT go for Smite/teleport , Smite/ghost with champions without escping compability

4)Do NOT stay on your jungle 24/7 . Farming isnt the best thing to do. Do not forget that they are human beings behind on the screen waiting in lane for a gank.





And most importantly






Remember. You are the playmaker of this game. If some lanes are losing the chances of losing the game become higher BUT everything changes on mid and late game. So , stay positive until the end.










This guide is created by me , Sanctus , and it belongs to you find

any mistakes on this guide comment or just pm me , to fix them.


Thank you.

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I would like to see more things on this guide since it's not only a jungle guide but a guide named "how to get our of bronze - silver - gold".

For me this guide is 10% completed. (no hate just my opinion)

Do not forget that there are players which are not that good on LoL or they are new comers on LoL and if they'll search for a proper guide to learn it must include more things such as:

  • Gank only if ...
  • Do not gank if ...
  • If you're losing a game but you see that with your assist your team got more chances to win go for this build ...
  • And a lot of things more that can be detailed on which monsters are better to start, which items are the best for every type of junlger e.g. assasin/tank/mage/etc, some tips on how to improve your skills and things like these.

On low elo (mostly bronze - silver) there are tons of things you should care, for example most of players cause they're not that skilled will dive for no reason and lose the game, will try to gank you at lv1 on jungle and a lot of things more which some times a player which will think of a move before he'll do it can't think about it cause he thinks that it's stupid moves to do cause it's risky or w/e and when enemy team ganks you you will be alone in jungle and you'll give them a free first blood (this is just an example).


However it explains the basics which it's still helpful! Thanks for sharing anyway.

+ rep for your work

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Great guide, thanks for taking the time to write all of this. I would also want to mention that if you wanna be good at League you need to read the guides available at Mobafire and also check champion counters in order to know when you need to play aggressively and when to only defend your lane.

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