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[2.4.3] Hammerhigh | Medium / High Rate - The Burning Crusade [Not Released]

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First of all hello and thank for taking the time to read about HammerHigh Project!

Let me tell you a little bit about us, We have been playing live World of Warcraft from the very start of the burning crusade being released, and we have had a lot of previous experience in hosting and creating a private gaming experience within World of Warcraft. We have played on pretty much every top end gaming server at one point or another, so We know whats good and bad.

The bad points on most servers is that after a while players will get bored and move onto another server, and so on and so forth. We will be releasing new instances (Hyjal Summit -> Black Temple -> Zul'Aman -> Sunwell / Isle of Quel Danas) on either every 1st or last day of each month. Meaning there will always be players at HammerHigh.

Our aim for HammerHigh is to provide players with not only a free service but a gaming experience like no other. Rich in content and a high quality of game play. For these reasons We're not releasing the server just yet as We're still working on a lot of  scripting, boss fights and instances, We will be releasing the realm which will be a high rates at the end of August 2015 (specific date yet to be confirmed)

Do You Love Forums?
So do we! Do you love trolling? Then welcome to our forums. We welcome those of you that feel you are clever and have something important to say! Of course now, we moderate most sections of our forums.. Though, we had to give you all a special place to speak your mind, 24/7, un-moderated fun. We call it, The Random. From Politics, sports, fashion, and just straight up shit talking. This is the ultimate place for those that can't keep their trap shut. If you are easily offended, you should not enter this area. Some people just cannot handle it. Political correctness is not needed here. You say what you have to say and don't give a mutha fucka about what someone says! This is your place and we admire those that have the 'uevos' to enter this area. Best of luck. Try not to let your brain melt and be careful not to let it spill over to our other forums sections. Bans start to hammer down hard sometimes.
European GM Support
Tired of going to a server that doesn't speak English? Vise-versa, your tired of going to a server with a Staff that has nothing but English speakers? Welcome to HammerHigh, where we have your problem solved. HammerHigh offers European Staff support for your timezones. We truely have a staff that covers our server in-game and out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here is a few things to look forward at HammerHigh

● New content released each month.
● High rates server.
● Quality core and content.
● Regular PvP and fun events.
● Scripted bosses and instances.
● Constant updates and fixes

Realm Information
● Type: PvP
● Expansion: The Burning Crusade 2.4.3
● Experience: x12 / Quest: x15
● RaF Experience: x15 / Quest: x18
● Drop / Gold / Money: x3
● Honor: x2 / Professions: x5
● Reputation: x8 / Rest: x5
● Season / Tier: S2 / T5
● IP: set realmlist logon.hammerhigh.eu


If you like the server please tell your friends, If you don't please let us know.

Come join us on our forum today and let us know what you think!

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