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[NEED] GRACIA L2 server



Hi guys,

i'm looking for a server gracia ...


i've look and download a ct1 and ct2 server in this site but i've a problem ...


look my screen with ct2 server




and this is my loginserver.properties


width=640 height=480http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/8017/probl2yp7.jpg[/img]

pls help me


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i don't know much in l2 programming but i had a server and i think u MUST change your password at database section to "   root   " from |

if u still have problems post here i log every day i help u   ;)


EDIT(same day xD): u started start.bat 1st? [=--=] U made mysql connection with navicat or with what program and what pass-name u entered? [=--=] U got preconfigured pack or u made it urself to know what to tell u... [=--=] ir u made it urself u install the db? idk just explain a bit more what  prob u have

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