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LF An Easy Hi5 Server


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Hello,I've never played any other client higher than IL and I am about to start playing hi5


Though,in order to get familiar with hi5 stuff and such things,I need an easy server,without much farm and without any custom(s) (excl hi5 ones,ofc lol).



I dont care about the population,but I would like to see more than 70-80 online.


Thanks in advance

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Sorry about this spaming reply but i would like to inform you that about max population 70-80 you'll not find cuz most of these servers have got fake online players..

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hm,it's okey.



as I said i don't care that much about population,I do care for the hi5 gameplay(skills,features,classes etc)


thanks for your reply though.

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http://www.l2aeron.com//is your best answer


i wouldn't recommend it.. It's unbalance and full of unknowledge staff.. They don't help their players plus they aren't so much active.

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i wouldn't recommend it.. It's unbalance and full of unknowledge staff.. They don't help their players plus they aren't so much active.

I don't care at all,


I just want some action in hi5


thanks for your answers

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L2WarZone or L2Wz is a new pride style server with many changes so i think i shouldnt call him pride style. So lets start

Website: http://www.l2wz.com/index.php

Also server rates have been encreased and items are more enchanted from shop!

Exp: x9300 | SP: x3000 | Adena: x5500
Drop: x1 | Spoil: x1
- 100% Uptime
- 100% Private Source platform Final Gracia.
- Fully authentic and correct gameplay.
- Instances/Skills correctly reworked.
- 1st/2nd/3rd Class Changer available.
- Unique Features.
- 100% Official GamePlay.
- Custom Server
- LameGuard - Block all Programs.
- Vote Reward System
- Special Commands
- Active GM 24/7
- Retail Lineage 2 Final Gracia (CT2.3) - Game Play!
- GM Events!
- Geodata/Pathnode Installed
- Custom Olympiad System
- Spawn Protection
- Skills Work 100%
- Nexus Event
- Mini Event
Safe Enchant: +3/4
Maximum Enchant: +20
Read system message when enchanting for rates.
SS and BSPS are applied automatically.

Vote System.
Starting 80 Level
Starting with S-Grade Items (+20)
Starting Zone
Custom Farming zone's with custom monsters, drop, stat's, etc.
Max level is level 95. Experience slows down after level 85.
When you kill someone you gain fame, exp, random item and skill enchant chance, and chance to get a PvP token. When you die, you lose fame. All of this is also affected by gear difference.
Buffs do not exit on death regardless of your Noblesse status.
You will get Noblesse status automatically when you kill Barakiel, Noblesse enables you to obtain the Noblesse Tiara and participate in the Olympiad.
You can also buy Caradine's Letter in the Misc section of the mysterious merchant for 20 Festival Adena (20 Billion Adena).
At starting out, to get basic S grade items with Adena, look in the Wondrous Cubic.
Mysterious Merchant is the advanced items seller.
If a buff or toggle skill that you cannot use it means it has been made passive.
Default # of buffs (including dances and songs) = look on buffer.
Shift + click on monsters to see what they drop and their stats.
Sit down for greatly increased CP/HP/MP regeneration.
Orc Village is a PvP town that's limited to S80 equipment and under.
Gludin village is free for all.
Max Clans in ally: 3
- Lilith (Lv 94)
- Anakim (Lv 94)
- Ketra's Chief Brakki (Lv 93)
- Varka's Chief Horus (Lv 93)
- Sailren (Lv 93)
- Shadow of Halisha (Lv 91)
- Karpencharr (Lv 93)
- Solten Folysai (Lv 93)
- Master Anais (Lv 92)
- Lidia von Hellmann (Lv 92)
- Alfred von Hellmann (Lv 92)
- Ember (Lv 91)
- Anakim's Nemesis Zakaron (Lv 91)
- Queen Shyeed (Lv 92)
- Roaring Skylancer (Lv 90)
- Palibati Queen Themis (Lv 92)
- Cherub Galaxia (Lv 91)
* Have and More..See in game!!! *
- Mysterious Merchant (Advanced Items)
- PvP Merchant (PvP/Rare Items)
- Blacksmith (Legendary Blacksmith)
- Hakenstern (Forbidden Skills)
- Cat Buffer (Buffer)
- Randolf (Warehouse)
- Yin (Attribute Master)
- Avant-Garde (Transformation Wizard)
- Sabriel (Kamaloka Teleport)
- Malkion (Antharas Watchman)
- Cahira (Raidboss Instance)
- Test Dummy (Weak)
- Test Dummy (Strong)
- Token Machine (Get Donation Here)
Olympiad game need 20 match for Hero
Olympiad game need 40 match for Hero Weapons
Retail olympiad game
Competition period 2 week
Only with S-Grade +0
Olympiad Recall: 20 seconds


Hosting Information:
CPU : Intel Xeon W3520
Memory : 16 GB DDR3
HDD : 50GB*
Connection : 100Mbit
DDos Protection : Enabled
Operating System: Windows 2008 R2

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||||| L2 UNITED ||||

GRAND OPENING 01 /04 / 2015 19:00 GMT +1 

After months of working we choise to Open on 01/04/2015, your staff will always take care of what you have to say!

We will be active everyday for help player with any doubts or problem!


Follow us on website for more features: 

-Official Website: www.l2united.com

-Forum: www.l2united.com/Forum

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