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1689.jpg  width=143 height=480http://xs231.xs.to/xs231/08365/2610.jpg[/img]  width=215 height=480http://xs231.xs.to/xs231/08365/3294.jpg[/img] width=194 height=480http://xs231.xs.to/xs231/08365/4336.jpg[/img]





This is my new glod set i don't make for all race becaus i don't faind some dds files.:((





[move] http://www.4shared.com/file/61868821/dc67dcc8/dds_gold.html [/move]


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2 things


1 the female human look like a simpson character w00t ! yellow legs jaja


2 play whit magic wand tool and instead of make all of 1 coulor change some parts to be black blue or what ever u want ..




my oppinion? we alredy have 2 many gold armors and weapons , do something new  see ya



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