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Wix Ads Remover Pro 2.8.7 || Remove Wix Ads || Remove Wix Logo || Remove Wix Banner || Remove Wix Favicon || 2017


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JUNE 2017


wix.com / wixsite.com

100% WORKING!!

Email: wixadsremover@gmail.com

Skype: wixadsremover





38de65_f2dd9907b61241d9a5c77423c7debdae.  38de65_bb8de33a0a52473aaecefe3aa3fd7b16.  38de65_f248b72e6f4d4369ab1ae6921eb472c7.


Email: wixadsremover@gmail.com

Skype: wixadsremover



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Hello there,

I've seen a lot of people around the web asking how they can rip-off their wix website and then remove the advertisements. Well, it's quite easy if you follow a guide/tutorial on youtube but it requires some times for the whole process to be done.


Today I came here to make your lives a bit easier.


You just paste the source code of your wix website here




And then, you press Remove Advertisements.


It will remove/change/add things so the ads will disappear from the source. Also, when the process is finished you will be asked to save the source somewhere (Save As Mode) and you can choose if you want to save it as a txt or html.


If you would like to download it, you've nothing else to do than click here


If you find any bugs or have some suggestions to give, don't hesitate to post here or PM me.


Also, I'd like to see some feedback if it's possible.


Thank you.

Really Works??Anyone can Confirm that???

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No, it does not work. I came here to troll.


What the fuck is going on with people nowadays?

i mean works all the time??Dont take it bad...Wtf wrong with u i didnt flame u....

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Now, it's easier than ever.


I did some changes so when you finish with the design of your wix-website you just enter the URL of the website in my application and then you've the HTML ready with the ads removed.


I'll give this version to people through PM's only. If you want it, you PM me.



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Haven't seen most useless program in my life you deserve a karma for this.. seriously u expect people to view source - paste - click - go baack to site and this for each site they visit or window they open?... why?????? Download CHROME -> ADBLOCK extensions... pffffff

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Haven't seen most useless program in my life you deserve a karma for this.. seriously u expect people to view source - paste - click - go baack to site and this for each site they visit or window they open?... why? ????? Download CHROME -> ADBLOCK extensions... pffffff


Seems you don't read very well WGS.


Wix.com is a site builder. You can build your own site with multiple tools that they have so you can make your website look like a professional one and you can customize it as much as you want without any knowledge. (No need of PHP/HTML) 


But.. if you don't buy a plan, your website will be exposed with the so called wix-ads.






s7YTJ27.png Position: Right Upper Corner


H7cf0gI.pngPosition: Down (Even if you scroll up/down its position is fixed)


So, what my program does? (With the new change)


When you finish with the website that you built on wix.com you just publish the changes and then...




You enter the URL of your website. When you click on 'Remove Advertisements' my application will remove the ads which I showed above and will ask you to save it as .HTML in your desktop. You put a name(Ex: N1nj4Styl3.HTML) and then you upload it on your webhost.


Voila, like that you've an easy built website for FREE. (You just pay for the webhosting or you get a free plan, ex: 000webhost.com)


Hope you understand what my app does now.


And.. there's no need of copy/pasting the source code. Now, you just enter your website in my application and everything is done automatically.


Thank you.



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Thx for the information.

Sometimes, it is in front of us and we can't see it. ;)

Seems you misunderstood what my program does.


Here, check the above post (Reply to Akatalilh).

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