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[Guide]How to play Grand theft auto san andreas online.

Guest skaros

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Guest skaros

Well first of all

this is a guide that tells you how you can play grand theft auto san andreas online with other people.


Q:How do i start

A:Well you need a program that is called sa-mp.Here is the link to download it.It is really small so no worries.

You can download this program here.


Q:Now i have downloaded it what do i do?

A:Well now you must install it.

First you open it then browse your san andreas game file.



then browse your san andreas game file.

width=640 height=453http://www.imageshack.gr/files/u8jeiznu3bmosk5pt649.jpg[/img]


after that go on your san andreas game file and open this.

width=640 height=421http://www.imageshack.gr/files/eahpfi1lk0360f55erxl.jpg[/img]


then a window like this opens

width=621 height=480http://www.imageshack.gr/files/hkilb9bc12totlvwv0hv.jpg[/img]


click on a server and press connect.

width=640 height=430http://www.imageshack.gr/files/1wwli1ghciviownjo6r3.jpg[/img]


If it is your first time of installing it a window will pop up and tell you to browse your san andreas game again.Find it and click ok.


Thats all :D


You experience problems?


Q:Why cant i log in?I click to play on a server and i can log in it stucks!

A:Well some san andreas are version 1.2.0 you must have version 1.you can download it from here.


No worries! it is 4mb.After you download it extract it and replace the GTA_SA.EXE file on the san andreas folder.

Then open the sa-mp (The icon with the woman licking her lips) and find a server.


Now you wont have any problems :)


Guide by me.

For more information how to play and how to create your own san andreas server go on

www.sa-mp.com and go on this site forum.Have fun :)

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i didn't know that, but you can make you own server free?



yeap go to www.sa-mp.com ~~~> Downloads ~~~> SA-MP Windows Server Download


And go find a guide to their official forum :



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