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Patch from Zilvermoon (Zilver) rev 12.Patch is based on the work of TOM_RUS,Albatror,Mike Crowe, Kaldorei & rastikzzz

Core:rev 6390

SD2: rev 520

Database : UDB rev 358

Script: ACID 0.0.2 rev 18


Supported build Beta WotLK


-Runic System

-Death Knight attack power.

-Death Knight starting gear.

-Northrend flying mounts.

-Server not crashes on reputation gain.

-Death Knight start location - Acherus: The Ebon Hold.

-Some Death Knight starting quests.

-Frost Death Knight Trainer.

-Blood Death Knight Trainer.

-Unholy Death Knight Trainer.

-Death Knight starting cinematics.

-Correct items' IDs. ( thx to jeremymcclure - emupedia)

-New spell - Death Gate. (thx to Atog - emupedia)

-locations.txt - list of new .tele locations.

-Most of console errors was fixed.

-Death Knights now can use a new type of Relic - Sigil.

-The Nexus spawned - 100%. (thx to Moffeman & Ashyda)

-Borean Tundra spawned - 80%. (thx to Moffeman & Ashyda)

-Fixed Death Knight spell cost

-Fixed when non gm player enters an instance and server crashes

-Fixed The Nexus mobs respawn time.

-Fixed The Nexus mobs levels.

-The Nexus was completely respawned.

-Some loot for Nexus bosses. ( thx to Vlado)

-New abilities and spell are available for paladins and warrior.

-Paladin auras was fixed.

-Malygos . You can find him at the highest platform near Nexus.(Outdoor Boss)


-Most of GO were fixed.








Password For Rar: maxcheaters

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Can you please help ?

I have downloaded the pack. Do i have to put it somewhere in some other folder so it can be ready to play ?

I cant really figure out what's up

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